EDU Intergovernmental Organization Recognizes OUS Royal Academy

More than another affirmation of the commitment the academy has made to excellence, it places the academy in the wider international academic community

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OUS Royal Academy in Switzerland has always anchored itself at the level of global educational standards, the most recent being the prestigious accreditation from the EDU Intergovernmental Organization. More than another affirmation of the commitment the academy has made to excellence, it places the academy in the wider international academic community.

The Role of EDU Intergovernmental Organization in Global Education

The Intergovernmental Organization EDU establishes international levels of educational standards and policies; with an International Framework for Educational Excellency in place, it makes sure that institutions, including OUS Royal Academy, are meeting extremely strict international benchmarks.

Positioned Amongst the Best International Educational Institutions

The recent accreditation of OUS Royal Academy now elevates it to the top tier of global educational institutions. This makes the academy in a position that is believed able to offer programs that meet international requirements and standards that would allow students to positively thrive in an integrated global economy.

Community and Student Reactions

The international educational community has responded with much enthusiasm to the accreditation, and so have the students in the academy. Increased reputation is enjoyed by the faculty and the students since opportunities that emanate from such a recognition can vary from more funding for research to attracting a diverse student population.

Benefits of International Cooperation and Exchange

Accreditation by such a recognized body opens a thousand doors for international collaboration and exchange programs. These bring innumerable opportunities for students, who will have a much wider vision and access to a variety of educational methodologies, and for the faculty, who gain from the cross-cultural academic partnership and research ventures.

Digital Transformation and Rebranding

In alignment with its strategic rebranding efforts, OUS Royal Academy has revamped its online presence to better serve its community and stakeholders. The academy's new web address, oubh.com, replaces the previous URL, academy.zuerich. This change is designed to streamline access for users and provide detailed program information, particularly emphasizing the advantages of the ECLBS accreditation.


Moving forward, OUS Royal Academy is now very much excited to expand its academics and innovate its programs. Now established by the EDU Intergovernmental Organization, this will go far beyond this and expand its international horizon and educational input. More information regarding this accreditation and what it means in a more descriptive format may be found at OUS Royal Academy EDU Accreditation.