UK Elections 2024 Results: Top 7 Indian-origin candidates who won the polls

Labour Party stormed into Downing Street after securing the required 326 seats meaning Rishi Sunak will no longer be the Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

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In a historic moment for Britain, the UK Elections 2024 Results were declared on Friday, with the left-leaning Labour Party winning the polls by a massive margin. Labour Party stormed into Downing Street after securing the required 326 seats, with the Tories facing a wipeout. Britishers voted for 650 members of the House of Commons on July 4, 2024, for a term of up to five years. During the last update, the Labour Party won 341 seats in the results of 488 seats out of 650. 326 seats are required in the Parliament to form a government.

The party that commands a majority in the Commons, either alone or in coalition, will form the next government and its leader will be the Prime Minister. As per reports, the 2024 UK Election Results delivered the most diverse Parliament in the history of the country, particularly in the number of parliamentarians of Indian heritage. It is confirmed that Rishi Sunak's party has conceded defeat, and therefore, 61-year-old Keir Starmer. will be the new PM of the UK. Since the media is pointing toward diversity, the question arises who are the Indian candidates who won the UK Elections 2024? Below is a short list and details- 

1) Rishi Sunak

Despite Conservatives losing the elections, Rishi Sunak held onto his seat of Richmond and Northallerton. However, speaking at his count in Yorkshire, Rishi Sunak reportedly admitted power would "change hands" later on today. Sunak was quoted saying, "The Labour Party has won this general election. And I have called Sir Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory. Today power will change hands in a peaceful and orderly manner with goodwill on all sides. That is something that should give us all confidence in our country’s stability, and future. The British people have delivered a sobering verdict tonight. There is much to learn and reflect on and I take responsibility for the loss."

2) Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi aka Tan Dhesi is a prominent Labour candidate and has represented Slough as a Member of Parliament since 2017. In the UK Election 2024, Tan Dhesi continued his winning streak and won the general polls from Slough. Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi was born in Berkshire and spent many years in Slough. He received most of his primary education in Punjab, India, before returning to the UK at the age of nine. Tan pursued higher education with a focus on Mathematics with Management at University College London, followed by an MSc in Applied Statistics at Oxford University. In 2017, he made history by becoming the first turbaned Sikh to be elected as a Member of Parliament in any European country. 

Taking to his official X handle, the Slough MP wrote, "Huge honour to be re-elected by the good people of #Slough as their MP. They voted for change, unity and progress under a @UKLabour
 Government - which is what I will work hard to deliver for them. Immensely grateful to all whose efforts and teamwork made it possible."


3) Shivani Raja

The Conservatives had fielded Shivani Raja for Leicester East for UK Elections 2024. Keeping her party's faith up to the mark, Shivani Raja won Leicester East gaining the seat from Labour party. The fight in Leicester East had a host of heavyweights in the fight including former MPs Claude Webbe and Keith Vaz who contested as Independents. Shivani Raja, a Leicester-born who studied in the city at Herrick Primary, Soar Valley College, Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth II college. She also graduated with First Class Honours in Cosmetic Science from De Montfort University (DMU).


4) Kanishka Narayan

Kanishka Narayan became the first Indian-origin MP from Wales. Former Welsh Sec Alun Cairns lost to Labour Party's Kanishka Narayan. Kanishka Narayan was born in India and moved to Cardiff when he was 12. He got into Eton on a scholarship, went on to study at Oxford and then Stanford before becoming a civil servant.


5) Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman won the Fareham and Waterlooville seats. She was replaced by James Cleverly as Interior Minister in the last re-shuffle of the last Rishi Sunak cabinet. She had courted controversy after suggesting that the Metropolitan Police were too lenient with pro-Palestine protesters.


6)  Warinder Juss

British Sikh Warinder Juss was fielded by the Labour party from Wolverhampton West. Candidate Warinder Juss beat seven others, finshing with a majority of nearly 8,000 from the Conservatives' Mike Newton. The result meant a clean sweep for Labour in Wolverhampton after Pat McFadden and Sureena Brackenridge won in the city's South East and North East seats respectively.


7)  Gurinder Singh Josan

Gurinder Singh Josan kept Labour’s majority above 11,000 votes in Smethwick on a hugely successful night for the party in Sandwell which also saw the Conservatives drop behind Reform into third. Gurinder Singh Josan is another Sikh face that has become a prominent face of the Labour Party. 

Gurinder Singh Josan is an English businessman and Labour Party politician, who served on Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, and sits on Labour's National Executive Committee and the West Midlands' Strategic Policing and Crime Board.