2 years after billionaire Elon Musk unveiled his dream project of Neauralink, the US FDA on Thursday gave a signal to test its brain implants in humans. Neuralinks human trials node came at a time when tech firms around the world are embracing Open AI features, while Musk has been flagging the adverse effects it will leave on humans' daily lives including unemployment, biased, misinformation, and more. Notably, Neuralink was "intended to address the existential risk associated with digital superintelligence." Musk's theory was humans will not be smarter than a digital supercomputer with AI in place, therefore, if 'you cannot beat them, join them'. Coming to Nerualink human trials, the company stated that clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its first-in-human clinical study is 'an important first step' for its technology which is intended to let brains interface directly with computers. Since Neauralink human trials have been approved, the question arises how will it benefit humans and overall society once it gets approved for actual use? To know the answer continue reading-

How Neauralink will be beneficial for humans?

1) As per Neuralink, their brain-chip interface embedded inside the brain could restore the vision of those who were born blind.

2) The other benefit, Neuralink states that it will restore full body functionality like movement and verbal communication for people with severed spinal cords.

3) Furthermore, the company alleges that the use of a Neauralink chip in someone's brain could be to treat neurological disorders like Parkinson's. Notably, there is no cure for Parkinson's disease as of now, however, medicines, surgical treatment, and other therapies can often relieve some symptoms.

4) In one of his old interviews, Elon Musk claimed that how Neauralink will enhance the abilities of humans. In 2022, Musk said, the installation of a Neuralink chip in the brain of the people will help them "save and replay memories" like in "Black Mirror," or telepathically summon their car.

5) Notably, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg in one of his old interviews had stated that 'normal people' won't want Neuralink chips in their brains soon, however, he certainly sees a future where people text their loved ones by twitching their wrists.

6) Zuckerberg gave example how Neuralink will help in real life in Joe Rogan Podcast and said, "You'll be able to have this experience in future where you're sitting in a meeting and your wife texts you and it pops up in the corner of your glasses and you want to respond but you don't want to like pull out your phone because that's kinda rude."

7) Notably, Elon Musk in one his interviews, had stated that he will instal Neruralink Chip in his brain once it is fully ready to use.

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How Neuralink will work?

As per reports, the Neuralink chip is developing is about the size of a coin, and would be embedded in a patient's skull. From the chip, an array of tiny wires, each roughly 20 times thinner than a human hair, fan out into the patient's brain. Furthermore, the wires are equipped with 1,024 electrodes which are able to both monitor brain activity and, theoretically, electrically stimulate the brain. This data is all transmitted wirelessly via the chip to computers where it can be studied by researchers.

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