Emotional! Rakhi Sawant Bows Down On The Road To Thank Salman Khan

Jaya Sawant, Rakhi Sawant's mum, is cancer-free now. She became emotional when thanking Salman Khan and his family and sat on the floor with her hands folded.

Rakhi Sawant has been outspoken about her mother, Jaya Sawant, who is battling cancer. She revealed this during her time on Bigg Boss 14, and after she left the show, her mother underwent chemotherapy, for which the actress and her industry friends paid several visits to the hospital.

Rakhi, who has been keeping her fans updated on her mother's wellbeing, has now revealed that her mother is cancer-free in an Instagram article. Her operation went off without a hitch.

Rakhi posted a video of doctors demonstrating the cancerous tumor on Instagram. Rakhi spoke to the media after her mother's successful cancer surgery and thanked Salman Khan and Sohail Khan.

She can be seen getting emotional in the video and bowing down in the middle of the road to thank Salman and his family. She said that she does not require anything in life other than her mother.

With folded hands, a former Bigg Boss 14 contestant sat on the floor and said" “My mother’s case was very difficult. I don’t want anything in life but my mother. Thank you Sohail bhai, Salman bhai. You gave my mother a new life. Salman ji got the best doctor for my mother, who is a cancer specialist. He treated my mother. I thank God for sending us an Angel in form of Salman ji.”

Not only Rakhi, but her mother Jaya also thanked Dabangg Khan, describing him as a 'angel.'

Jaya said in a video posted by Rakhi,“I fold my hands to thank Salman Khan. I used to pray to Jesus that we have no money, and wondered if I will die without treatment. However, God listened to us and sent his angel in the form of Salman Khan. He and his family stood by me and helped me to get this operation done. I thank God, I thank Salman).”

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