In the wake of the covid pandemic, the number of people going abroad has substantially increased. Pre-covid, that is during the year 2019, there were about 5.89 lakh students going abroad. In the month of December this figure went up to 11.33 lakh.

The reasons for Indian students to go abroad are quite vivid. 

During the covid pandemic, Government of India very lousily, pulled their hands back and did not do enough for the public. This somewhere or the other has left an impression in the minds of people that the government will never do anything worthwhile for the youth. This has led the people frustrated and thinking about their future in the country. The government time and again has left the people without an iota of choice. 

The government not only has failed the youth but also the ones that are responsible for making the decisions for them i.e., the parents. Parents now seem to think that the government is not and never will think of them or their wards. 

Another reason for the ongoing brain-drain is that the process to apply for foreign universities has become relatively easier because of the increased online alternatives. This has made the applications process more streamline and smoother that before. Instead of going to agents for making applications, students can now, from the comfort of their homes can apply. 

Unemployment rate in urban areas rose to 20.9% during the April-June quarter of 2020, more than double the unemployment rate in the same quarter the previous year (8.9%). This has left the students and their parents equally stressed and worried about their future. And who would want to stay in country where their future is uncertain. 

Education standards of Punjab have fallen consecutively for another year. Even the government is not doing anything to compensate for the increasing unemployment in the country. The Channi government also promised that it would bring up the matter of having IELTS coaching in every college of Punjab. MoU of the same is underway. 

In an interview with a student, Surinder Singh, he said—“We want to go abroad because there are no jobs in the region. Either we can think of our future or our country, but the country doesn’t seem to think about us. Hence, we want to too think about ourselves.”

When asked how he was going to fund his studies, he said—“I am planning to sell off my father’s agricultural land to fund my studies.”

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