‘Cancer’s threat begins with the first drop’, what experts suggest? and things you must take care of

Recent studies have revealed that there is no safe limit on the consumption of alcohol and the threat of cancer begins with the first drop

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WHO in one of its recent studies revealed that there is absolutely no safe limit on the consumption of Alcohol, which was in sync with the International Agency for Research. The organization that works on the causes and cure of Cancer and labelled alcohol in Group 1 of carcinogens.

Carcinogens are those substances that cause cancer, moreover, the substances falling under group 1 are the most lethal ones.

With the findings of this study surfacing, it has left us to ponder on a set of essential queries on alcohol, associated with its intake and the limit. In this segment we shall try to uncover a few basic questions related to alcohol and tips for you to get over this habit.

Is it still dangerous if one drinks occasionally?

The answer to this is Yes. According to WHO data, about half of the cases of cancer caused by alcohol were those who drink light or moderately. People who consumed less than 1.5 litres of wine, less than 3.5 litres of beer and less than 450 ml of spirits in a week also became victims of cancer.

What does Alcohol contain that makes it a carrier of Cancer?

The ethanol present in alcohol breaks down into a chemical called acetaldehyde after entering the body. This damages our DNA, due to which the damage once done in the body cannot be cured, and can cause cancer.

What kind of cancer is caused in Women Drinking Alcohol?

WHO says, drinking alcohol damages breasts more than any other body part of a woman, and hence the majority of cases in women alcohol consumers are that of breast cancer.

What kind of damage does alcohol cause in our bodies?

Alcohol has multiple effects on our body, which include,

• High Blood Pressure

• Heart-related ailments

• Stroke

• Disease related to the digestive system

• Affects the proper function of immunity

• Fatty Lever

• Hepatitis

• Kills hunger

• Pancreatitis

• Infertility

Is Beer less harmful?

It has been found in the last few studies that beer and wine are not much harmful. The alcohol content in these is very low. Wine contains 11 to 13 percent and beer contains 4 to 5 percent alcohol.

Some experts also believe that drinking beer in moderation can lower your risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Antioxidants are also found in wine which is beneficial in coronary artery disease. This reduces the risk of a heart attack. But both these things are for those who take beer and wine in limited quantities.

Does Alcohol affect our Mental Health?

Drinking a little alcohol affects the signals of our nervous system. Due to this many times, our brain is not able to work properly. Drinking alcohol increases anger, depression and anxiety, and can also lead to dementia.

Is there any impact on the manner we drink alcohol?

Stroke risk may decrease with age in patients with high BP, diabetes: Study

How alcohol will react in our body depends on these factors

• What are we eating with Alcohol

• Is someone a regular drinker or not

• Whether are you used to binge drinking?

• What kind of alcohol are you drinking?

• And other factors as one is suffering from any chronic disease or not?

Is there any safe limit for drinking?

WHO's Non-Communicable Disease Management Expert Dr Carina Ferreira-Borges says that we cannot claim that drinking this amount of alcohol is safe and if you drink more than this, you will become ill.

This much can be claimed that the risk of cancer starts from the very first drop of alcohol. We also claim that the more alcohol you drink, the worse it is for your health.

What is the theory of Moderate drinking in men and women?

According to the American External Icon, the theory of moderate drinking says that only an adult should drink alcohol. For an adult male, 2 or fewer drinks are considered moderate. At the same time, 1 drink or less for a woman is considered moderate i.e. balance. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men who drink 15 or more drinks a week are considered heavy drinkers, while for a woman this limit is marked at 8 drinks a week.

Is it possible to reverse the impact alcohol has caused on our bodies?

The damage caused by alcohol cannot be removed in a day. For this, one has to try every day. Taking care of these three things can be beneficial for you:

• Minimize the consumption of alcohol. Try not to drink.

• Follow a Mediterranean diet.

• Exercise, especially cardio.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

Many observational studies have found that the Mediterranean diet is good for health. This diet includes. Unprocessed grains such as wheat, rice, oats, millet and all types of pulses are included in the largest amount. Preference is given to fruits and vegetables. For Cooking Olive Oil is used. Fish, meat and dairy products like milk, curd, and paneer are eaten in small quantities.

What is Mritasanjeevini Sura, and what are its benefits?

This is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is made up of a number of elements which include Old Jaggery, Acacia Bark, Pomegranate, Vasaka, Mocharas, Lajjalu, Atis, Ashwagandha, Deodar, Bilva, Shyonka, Patala, Shalparni, Prishnaparni, Vrhati, Kantakari, Gokshur, Indravaruni, Kola, Erand, Punarnava, Dhatura, Clove, Cardamom It is made from cinnamon, padmakh, ushir, red sandalwood, white sandalwood, fennel, Yamani, dry ginger, chilli, peepal, sathi, nutmeg, nagarmotha, and fenugreek.

Benefits of Mritasanjeevini:

• This medicine gives strength to the liver, due to which the liver secretes the digestive juice in proper quantity.

• Improves the digestive system, which also gives relief in problems like stomach gas, constipation, acidity etc.

• Drinking this tonic provides relief from the weakness that occurs after a fever.

• It gives heat to the body in the winter season while it helps in maintaining the body temperature during summer.

• It provides relief from diarrhea.

• It also relaxes cough and asthma.