Explainer: 3 allegations that exploded entire NEET 2024 controversy & alleged scam  upgarde

Three prime controversies have enraged the NEET aspirants of India- Grace Marks, Bihar NEET question paper leak, and Gujarat's NEET Scam.

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NEET 2024 Exam Results are turning out to be a great headache for the Modi Government 3.0. The opposition parties are demanding PM Modi's answers over the alleged NEET Results 2024 Scam and demanding to cancel the entire examination that gave results irregularities. However, there are people who still dont know what is the controversy all about as there are many angles to it. Notably, there are three prime controversies that have enraged the NEET aspirants of India. The first one was the NEET grace marks controversy, the second one was the NEET Paper leak case in Bihar, and the third one is allegation from Gujarat about some malpractice. 

Ministry of Education Joint Secretary Govind Jaiswal on Thursday addressed a press conference saying, "In NEET, there were several issues. One was the 'grace mark' issue. Another, it is alleged that something happened in Bihar, that is under investigation. Third, there was an allegation from Gujarat about some malpractice. These are three different kinds of issues... The issue of the grace mark has been completely solved. Another is an alleged leak in Bihar, the Economic Offence Wing is already conducting the investigation... They have asked for a lot of information and NTA has provided also..."

NEET 2024 Grace Marks Controversy

The Government of India last Thursday informed the Supreme Court that the NTA will scarp the grace marks given to 1,563 NEET-UG 2024 candidates. Not only this, the Centre also informed that NTA will take a re-exam of 1,563 NEET-UG 2024 candidates who were given grace marks. Notably, thousands of students in India along with multiple well-renowned teachers had flagged NEET Results 2024 as fraud. Some well-renowned YouTubers & teachers pointed out mistakes in the marking system as no one can score 718 or 719 out of 720 in NEET exams, and the rest pointed out how NEET 2024 secured 67 toppers. The increase in toppers sent fear among students that despite scoring well they may not get AIIMS. 

Alakh Pandey, petitioner and CEO of Physics Wallah was quoted saying, "Today, NTA accepted in front of the Supreme Court that the grace marks given to the students were wrong and they agree that this created dissatisfaction among the students and they agreed that they will remove the grace marks...Re-examination of those 1,563 students who got grace marks will be done on 23rd June or the original score without grace marks would be accepted by the students.

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