Explainer: Downfall of Pakistan's Politics, Impact on India & others, Imran Khan's fate; No-confidence motion

The political crisis of Pakistan will also have an impact on the international level.

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The political crisis in Pakistan has deepened. After the rejection of the no-confidence motion against the Imran government and the dissolution of the National Assembly, the anger of the opposition has increased, while Imran Khan is taking a jibe at the opposition.  

There is currently a period of great uncertainty in Islamabad.  Constitutional experts are debating the legality and contemplating what and how Imran Khan and his opponents might find a way forward. 

The political crisis of Pakistan will also have an impact on the international level. The nuclear-armed nation of more than 220 million people lies between Afghanistan to the west, China to the northeast and nuclear rival India to the east, making it of vital strategic importance.

Is Imran's policy anti-US?
From the statements and actions of Imran Khan since coming to power in the year 2018, it seems that Khan's policy was in opposition to America. 

In recent times, there are many such signs which show that Imran Khan is close to China and Russia.  He also recently held talks with President Vladimir Putin on the day the invasion of Ukraine began. 

Imran had recently said that talks with Russia were not liked by a powerful country.  US and Asian foreign policy experts say Pakistan's powerful military has traditionally controlled foreign and defence policy, limiting the impact of political instability.

What will be the impact on India-Pakistan relations?

Relations between India and Pakistan have also not been good regarding the border dispute.  However, during the political crisis, Imran Khan said on Friday that he would like to praise India for his foreign policy. 

His foreign policy has been independent and has been for his people. They defend their foreign policy. However, many foreign affairs experts believe that Pakistan's relations with India are more likely to remain strained as long as the Pakistani military intervenes in power, regardless of which party is in power.

Relations with the Taliban are also not good!

Relations between Pakistan's military intelligence agency and the Islamist militant Taliban have weakened in recent years. 

There has been some tension in recent days between the Taliban and Pakistan's military. Which has lost many soldiers in attacks close to their mutual border. 

Pakistan wants the Taliban to do more to crack down on extremist groups and is concerned that they will spread violence in Pakistan. Imran Khan has been less critical of the Taliban on human rights than most foreign leaders. 

Qatar has become the most important foreign partner at present amid the economic and humanitarian crisis in the Taliban.

Khan's leanings toward China and Russia fueled US displeasure?

Imran Khan has consistently emphasized the positive role of China in Pakistan and the world at large. The $60 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) binds neighbours together. 

America's displeasure has increased due to the increasing inclination of Pakistan toward Russia. 

However, experts agree that Pakistan's political crisis is unlikely to be a priority for the Biden administration. Curtis, senior director of the National Security Council for South Asia, says Imran's visit to Russia was a disaster in the context of US relations. 

If a new government is formed in Pakistan, it can help in improving relations to some extent.

What did the speaker say on the no-confidence motion?

After this, Deputy Speaker Suri said - "No foreign power can be allowed to topple the elected government through conspiracy." 

He upheld the issue raised by Choudhary and quashed the no-confidence motion saying it was against the law, constitution and rules.