Chandigarh. Punjab police will send a team to Canada to bring back the two accused in the horrendous honour killing case of Jaswinder Sidhu.The accused-victim mother Malkiat Kaur Sidhu and her uncle Surjit singh Badesha had escaped the extradition in Sepember, last year.The police team is waiting for an intimidation of approval for extradition.Jassi husband Sukhwinder Singh alias Mithu hoped that there were no obstructions this time and the accused do face the trials. “I thank the almighty in the hope of seeing truth prevail.I also thank the Indian police and the government for pursuing the case”, said Sukhwinder Singh.

Canadian born Jassi travelled to India in the year 1996.She fell in love with Sukhwinder, a Kabaddi player and son of a poor farmer.In the year 2000 she married Sukhwinder against the wishes of her parents.In June 2000,Jassi was murdered. However Sukhwinder escaped the attack and survived.Later in October 2005,seven men who were awarded life imprisonment alleged that victim mother and uncle had paid them to carry out the murder.In May 2014,British Columbia Supreme Court ordered the extradition of both the accused to India.However last year in September extradition plans were obstructed as the lawyers of the accused appealed befor the top court that they were not informed before being taken to the back to jail in India for trials.

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