Fact Check: Did the minor compose abusive rap song after bail in Pune Porsche accident case? Here's the truth

A video went viral on social media with the claims that the minor accused in Pune Porsche Accident case went live on his Instagram handle and sang an abusive rap song.

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The Kalyani Nagar Accident has grabbed the attention of the nation at a time when the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 campaigns are at their peak. On Sunday, a speeding Porsche car reportedly at least 160km/hr rammed a motorcycle from behind in Pune's Kalyani Nagar killing two techies including a 24-year-old woman. A 17-year-old minor boy was arrested by the Pune Police in the case who was later granted bail in a matter of just 15 hours by the Juvenile Justice Board on some simple terms and conditions. Thereafter, it was revealed that the minor boy who was released on bail by the JJB is the son of Vishal Agarwal, a Pune-based builder & owner of Brahma Realty and Infrastructure. After massive outrage, Vishwal Agarwal was arrested along with two Pub owners who allegedly served liquor to the minor and his friends, Thereafter, the minor was also sent to the observatory center by the JJB. 

In the meantime, a video went viral on social media with the claims that the minor went live on his Instagram handle and sang an abusive rap song. In the viral video which a new channel claimed to be of the minor, the accused sings the rap song, "Karke Baitha Mai Nashe, In My Porsche. Samne Aaya Couple Mere..." After the rap video, another video went viral on social media with the claims that the minor abused the social media users for highlighting his privileges, especially the builder's son angle. 

Pune Porsche Car Accused Rap Song

However, the claims that the accused sang a rap song and shared it on his Instagram story are fake. The boy in the video is not the accused but a social media influencer named Aryan famous by the name of cringistaan2. Aryan has been uploading controversial videos with objectionable language in the Pune Porsche accident case. 

Furthermore, the accused's mother broke her silence by issuing her video and debunked the Vedant Agarwal viral Instagram video saying that it was fake. In her video statement, she said, "I am Shivani Agarwal, Vedant's mother. I want to request the media that the videos that are being circulated are not of my son. They all are fake videos. My son is at the detention center. I request the Police Commissioner to please protect him."  Shivani broke down in tears in the video by appealing to people, the media, and the Pune Police. 

Kalyani Nagar Accident Case Update

Coming back to the Kalyani Nagar accident case update, the 17-year-old boy, who was involved in the Pune crash, has claimed that his family driver was behind the wheel when the accident happened. The minor’s two friends, who were with him at the time of the accident, have backed his claims. The family driver in his first statement had claimed that he was driving the Porsche when the accident happened. Vishal Agarwal has also claimed that it was the driver employed by him who was driving the Porsche.


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