Fact Check: Did President Biden's eye color change during the Presidential debate with Trump?

President Joe Biden’s eye color was noticed by some people, who claimed that the 81-year-old's blue eyes were slowly turning brown.

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Last night, both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump had a debate on CNN, Presidential Debate. Both the candidates debated various topics, including abortion rights and immigration. During the debate, change in President Joe Biden’s eye color was noticed by some people, claiming the 81-year-old's blue eyes were slowly turning brown. During an American presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, the appearance of Biden's face became a focal point for viewers who took to the internet to dissect it.

One viewer questioned, "Biden has a new face!" Another asked incredulously, "WHAT THE ---- IS UP WITH BIDEN? ? ? ? Dude's face looks so weird."
A hardened skeptic stated, "That is not Biden. I don't care who you are. His face is melting. No way, dude," while another noted, "Biden's face is not moving at all."

Widespread rumors suggest that the president may have had some slight change, with many discussing his tight-faced look online, reports the Irish Star.

Even experienced surgeons are of the opinion that President Biden may have made some adjustments. A US media portal quoted a few of the expert surgeons like Dr. Gary Motykie, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, as telling In Touch: ""I would estimate that over the years Joe Biden has spent up to $100,000 on plastic surgery!"

Similarly, "Dr. Yoel Shahar, a New York surgeon, commented: "He looks completely different. Also, "estimations on the cost of Biden's alleged facelift range anywhere from $40,000 to $250,000. In analyzing Biden's appearance, Atlanta surgeon Dr. Nicholas Jones said: "If we look closely at his sideburns, there is a straight, unnatural edge that could be a telltale sign of a facelift scar.".

Fact check-

While some photos were shared on social media claiming President Joe Biden’s eye color changed, on looking into the complete video of the debate, it was found that the president's eyes were blue throughout the show. Whereas it is said that a person’s eye color can’t change throughout their lifetime, Whereas, due to lightening illusions and age factors, a slight change can be seen.

Similar claims were made in 2021, claiming that President Biden was replaced by someone else due to the change in the color of his eyes. Where all the claims made turned out to be false.