Fact Check: Did Ranveer Singh actually take a dig at PM Modi? Know the truth

Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh can be heard endorsing Congress and taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a viral post, however, is this news real

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A video of Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and campaigning for Congress recently went viral on Social Media. A verified X user posted the video which led to over 3 lakh views and over 2k likes. However, in the lead up to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, officials warn that fake news and misinformation is bound to be plenty on social media. As such it is important to know which news is true and which is false. Hence the question arises, did Ranveer Singh actually take a dig at PM Modi and endorse Congress? Here is what we know:


A verified X user with the username, @SujataIndia1st, tweeted the video with the caption “Vote for Nyay, Vote for Congress”. The viral post currently stands at 324k views and 8.3k likes.  In the video the Bollywood Actor can be heard saying: "This is Modiji's purpose. It was his intention to celebrate our sad lives, our fear, our unemployment and inflation. Because our India is now heading towards a time of injustice at such a pace. So we should never stop demanding our development and justice, this is why we must think and vote."  


Fact Check: Is the video true?


The answer is no. The video’s audio is altered. True Scoop News found through AI-Audio Detection tools that the AI-cloned audio of Singh has been imposed on top of the video. Also it clear from the video that the audio does not match the visuals, as Ranveer Singh's mouth does not match what he is saying.


What is the original video?

The original video was shared by ANI, wherein Singh can be seen talking about his experience at the Kashi temple in Uttar Pradesh. Conversely, he could be seen lauding the development that PM Modi has brought to the city.


Starting from 01:18 timestamp in this 02:33 long video, he says, "I am filled with joy seeing all of this. This was Modi ji's vision, it was to celebrate our rich cultural heritage, history, and legacy. India is progressing towards modernity in speed, but we must never forget our roots and cultural heritage. That's why development with heritage is crucial, this a blend of the past and the future. Kashi, a place older than history and tradition and witnessing development here is an absolute wonder. Seeing the integration of the past and the present in this spectacular place is an absolute marvel. I have also had the pleasure of meeting and welcoming some foreigners inside."


Watch the video:

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