‘I was feeling the moment’: Rohit Sharma explains why he ate the pitch’s soil before the T20 WC final

Rohit Sharma told why he picked up the soil from the pitch and kept it in his mouth.

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After a long wait, Indian team captain Rohit Sharma finally got the chance to kiss the ICC T20 World Cup trophy. He first got this opportunity while making his debut in 2007 under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. After 17 years, now under his captaincy, the veteran earned the prestigious honour of leading the team to another T20 World Cup victory. After this victory, he remembered every incident that happened during the tournament. He also told why he picked up the soil from the pitch and kept it in his mouth.

Why did Rohit eat the soil from the pitch?

Talking about why Rohit tasted the soil from the pitch he said, “I was feeling that moment. When I went to the pitch, that pitch had given us a lot. We had played on that pitch. We had won on that ground. I will always remember this ground and that pitch in my life. I wanted to have a piece of that pitch with me, that's why I did this. Those moments are very special for me…”

In the ICC T20 World Cup, team India took the trophy while remaining undefeated becoming the first team to achieve such success. In the final against South Africa, the team, under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy won the T20 World Cup title for the second time by winning by 7 runs in the last over. India had scored 176 runs while batting first and stopped South Africa at 169 runs.

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