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If you are corona positive or negative, this home kit will tell you. If you have corona symptoms but a negative rapid Antigen test , you should go under RT-PCR test immediately ,as the rapid  Antigen test can give you incorrect reports in some cases.

7 kits that have been approved by ICMR

The ICMR approved 7 kits on November 23, 2021, through which you can test yourself at home.Cowself ,Panbio ,Covifind ,Angcard ,Clintest ,Abchek , and the Ultra  Covi catch home kit are among these.

Where can you purchase a quick antigen home test kit, and how many will you get?

Kit for fast antigen detection at home It is widely available on the market and on e-commerce websites for roughly Rs 250.

Considerations to keep in mind when testing

1. While conducting speedy home exams, we should clean the test area. If you want to test something, you can use the table. so that the full kit can be stored in a single location 2. 2. Also, before testing, wash your hands completely and dry them with dry cloths. Then you can begin the testing procedure.

Is the report generated by this kit accurate?

One thing to remember is that if a person has corona symptoms and his rapid Antigen test report is negative. He should undergo an RT-PCR test immediately, as rapid test positive cases can be mistaken as negative. That is, if a person’s rapid test resort is positive , he is really corona positive. But, he can also be positive even if the symptoms are negative. As a result, you must have RT-PCR completed and all these people should remain in isolation until the RT-PCR inquiry report is negative.

When is it appropriate to use a quick test?

1. After leaving the party
You can perform your fast home test in any crowded area after leaving a party.

2. Check the baby-siter
If you have a babysitter at home to look after the child, you can quickly test to see if the child and the babysitter are both safe.

3. Examining the carer of the aged and sick
You must also undergo a quick check-up if you have hired a caretaker for a sick or elderly individual in the house.

4. Check made at home
You may also test them with the use of fast antigen kits if you have a home produced to cook or work at home.

5. Prior to paying a visit to elderly parents or relatives
You can take your fast exam before meeting your elderly parents, relatives, or someone in the neighborhood.

6. Following a flight, train, or bus journey
Do your quick test if you have returned home after traveling by aircraft, rail, or bus.

7. After making touch with folks who haven't been vaccinated
Many people have not yet been vaccinated; you should test yourself after coming into contact with such individuals.

8.Coughing and the common cold
If you're experiencing symptoms like a cough or a cold, check to see if it's a seasonal illness or a corona symptom.

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