In the latest development of Punjab Police and Punjab Government’s action against eradicating gun culture in Punjab, 2 singers Jasmine Akhtar and Sukhman Heer have come under the radar. An FIR has been lodged against both the singers in Fatehgarh Sahib police station for promoting gun culture. Reportedly, both have released their new song ‘Kaafila’ in which weapons, guns, etc were openly shown and due to this complaint was registered against them.

Punjab Government and Punjab Police are tirelessly working to eradicate problem of gun culture from the state. They are taking various steps to put a ban on activities through which guns and weapons are being brandished. Punjab police have also put a ban on giving provocative speeches and uploading photos and videos with weapons on social media and strict action is being taken against those who do this. FIRs and cases are being registered against those people who have objectionable content put up on their social media pages.

A few days back, Punjab DGP Gaurav Yadav through his Twitter handle released information that everyone should be aware of. He stated in his tweet that people are requested to remove objectionable content from their social media handles within the next 72 hours. He further wrote that CM has directed no FIR against people will be registered for the next 3 days as this much time period will be given to them to remove all content related to guns or weapons.

Even after this many people did not follow the guideline and now strict action is being taken against those who have any picture put up on social media brandishing weapons. Also, police are keeping a track on the songs that being released to check is any kind of speech or act is promoting gun culture or not.

Singers Jasmine Akhtar and Sukhman Heer on Friday released a song named ‘Kaafila’ in which there is a lot of display of weapons. Sukhman Heer made cover of this song with a weapon and posted it on his Instagram handle.

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