Fir registered against MGN Trust Chairman Rai, Vice Chairman Anand, and Secretary Dahiya for Fraud & Conspiracy

Accused tampered trust records to appoint Dahiya as Secretary for financial embezzlement

Punjab, Trending | Fir registered against MGN Trust Chairman Rai, Vice Chairman Anand, and Secretary Dahiya for Fraud & Conspiracy- True Scoop

ASHISHPURI June30,Kapurthala:A case of fraud and conspiracy has been registered against MGN Education Trust Chairman Charanjit Singh Rai, Vice Chairman Daljit Singh Anand, and Secretary Mukhtiyar Singh Dahiya at Jalandhar's commissionrate Police Station 2. This case was registered following on complaint by MGN life trustee Ramnik Singh to the police, accusing the current management of embezzling the government grant and public funds received by trust.

As well to appoint Mukhtiar Singh Dahiya as Secretary, the resignation of present Secretary Sudarshan Singh Bains was also backdated and records tampered by the accused.The investigation regarding the public funds and grant embezzlement is ongoing. The police will soon issue notices summoning the accused for investigation.

On October 30, 2023, life trustee Ramnik Singh, a resident of Hamilton Tower, filed the complaint. The Commissioner of Police assigned the investigation to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).According to the ACP's investigation, the society operates three public schools, two B.Ed and M.Ed colleges, and three aided schools under its management. Government grants and public funds are provided for the B.Ed, M.Ed colleges, and aided schools. A trust was formed for the management, consisting of two types of trustees: lifetime trustees and ordinary trustees.

As Per the trust's constitution, the seven lifetime trustees are Jarnail Singh Pachrisa, Gurinder Singh Narula, Sudarshan Singh Bains, Daljit Singh Anand, Mukhtiyar Singh Dahiya, Ramnik Singh, and four ordinary trustees. The investigation revealed that in 2018, Charanjit Rai was appointed Chairman, Daljit Singh Anand as Vice Chairman, and Sudarshan Singh Bains as Secretary. There has been a dispute among them over the misuse of trust funds which has gone from the lower courts to the High Court.

The ACP's investigation mentioned that Sudarshan Singh Bains, a resident of New Isharpuri Colony, needed to go to Canada for personal reasons in 2018. Therefore, he requested ex-India leave. On September 11, 2018, Daljit Singh Anand proposed that there was no provision for ex-India leave in the constitution. Hence, on September 12, 2018, Bains typed his resignation and sent it to Chairman Charanjit Rai.

The investigation found that Bains' resignation was backdated to September 11, 2018, and Dahiya was appointed as Secretary under an alleged conspiracy. The ACP stated that records were repeatedly requested regarding the Secretary's appointment but didn’t produced by accused. Additionally, records for appointing and paying the former manager of MGN Public School (Kapoorthala), RS Mehta, were requested but not provided by the concerned as there were no provision by cbse to appoint him and also paid fixed salary of seventy thousand per month which is illegal. As per the constitution no budget were passed by the accused from may 2018 to till date for the use of funds in schools as well colleges. The ACP mentioned that the embezzlement investigation would be completed after reviewing the records. ACP said if evidence against others concerned produced during the investigation, legal action will be taken accordingly.