#FirstStoryPositive: Six women made 20 lakh RT-PCR kits

An initiative led by 6 women successfully made 20 lakh kits that allow early detection of the pandemic Corona virus. You got to hand it out to these women and accept the universal truth that only women leaders are the best leaders.

Timely diagnosis of Covid is essential but the same requires use of a medical kit. India, like the rest of the world, is facing a monster of unknown proportions.

To help manage the Covid disaster, six women decided to take some matters in their own hands and formed an initiative to make RT-PCR kits.

RT-PCR stands for Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. In a little more detail, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction is a laboratory technique combining reverse transcription of RNA into DNA and amplification of specific DNA targets using polymerase chain reaction. It is primarily used to measure the amount of a specific RNA.

Basically, this test will tell if you have Corona virus infection.

Also, it must be appreciated that a delay of even one hour could mean the difference between life and death as hospitals are asking for a positive Covid report before considering someone to be admitted.

Dr Swapnali Kulkarni leads Cosara Diagnostics Private Limited and has been dispatching an average of 40,000 test kits every day.

She has a team of five women and they together lead this private company to help their fellow Indians.

Mind you, only women are most sincere and hard-working people and these six women prove this case. These six women have not take a single leave in the 2020.

Why? Because their nation needs them.

This private company is a subsidiary of a listed company - Ambalal Sarabhai. The company is currently listed on BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange).

The company has proven itself to be a major supplier to states if Gujarat, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi.

Women power shone through the company’s operations when the manufacturing capacity was increased from 8,000 in the beginning by 400% in the second wave of the pandemic.

Now, if all these were not enough, the women-led private company is helping government and private labs with technical guidance.

What’s for future for these ladies? A target of 8 lakh tests per month or almost a crore tests per year.

That’s women power.

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