A passenger in his mid thirties, on-board the Air India flight IX-194 from Dubai to Lucknow left the crew and the other 150 passengers in shock when he began stripping mid-air and then proceeded to walk up and down the aisle nude.

One passenger who was on the flight and saw the entire incident said, “As soon as the aircraft crew saw him walking nude, they pounced on him and wrapped him in a blanket. Initially, the man resisted but the staff managed to overpower him.”

Two crew members forcibly covered him and kept him seated at his seat while flight carried on towards Lucknow.

Air India in-charge in Lucknow, Shakeel Ahmed, said, “The man after being detained by the authorities revealed that he had been harassed by his Pakistani coworkers in Dubai who far outnumbered him as he was the only Indian there. He said he was mercilessly beaten by the Pakistanis and tortured to go back. In frustration, he had resigned and was returning to India.”

He said, “The man later apologised for his act and his family members took him away after the Air India security verified his credentials. The passenger has now been put the watchlist of the airline.”

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