On Friday, the US health authority said that people who are fully vaccinated are 11 times less likely to die because of Covid and 10 times less likely to get hospitalized as compare to the unvaccinated people, as per the report by media agency AFP. 

The data has been revealed by one of the three studies conducted by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. During the study, the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines was also checked, and it was found that Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine has offered quite higher protection from the domination Delta variant. 

The efficacy of vaccines against hospitalization was highest for Moderna’s vaccine at 95 percent; then Pfizer at 80 percent; and finally Johnson & Johnson at 60 percent.

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The study was conducted in two-phase: 1) between April 4 and June 19, the time when the Delta variant was not dominant and 2) between June 19 and July 20, when the Delta variant was dominant. Between this period risks related to the Covid-19 infection rose slightly.

During a press conference, CDC director Rochelle Walenksy said, “As proved in study after study, vaccination works and fights against SARS-CoV-2.”

The CDC and the Food and Drug Administration are assessing the need for booster shots, which are expected to be administrated to the elderly population first. These shots would be rolled out by the Biden government later this month.

This information has been revealed by the experts after the US president Joe Biden announced a new set of rules, which stated that the company (with more than 100 workers) has to ensure that its employees have taken both Covid-19 jabs and undergo weekly tests.

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