Geeta Zaildar takes a swipe at late Punjabi singer Surinder Shinda; son Maninder Shinda responds…

A video of Geeta Zaildar during a recent show is going viral in which he can be seen making fun of Punjab's late singer Surinder Shinda to which his son Maninder Shinda responded

Punjab Trending Geeta Zaildar Controversy

A video of Punjabi singer Geeta Zaildar during a recent show is going viral in which he can be seen making fun of Punjab's great singer, the late Surinder Shinda. In the video, Geeta Zaildar says that handing over the mic to him will waste time as he will sing only one song, but will definitely waste half an hour, because “Mera Surinder Shinde vala haal” (I am like Surinder Shinda).


After this video surfaced, different reactions of people are coming out regarding Geeta Zaildar. At the same time, Surinder Shinda's son Maninder Shinda also took to social media vented his anger on Geeta Zaildar. Shinda's son Maninder released a video taking shots at Geeta Zaildar.


Maninder Shinda can be seen saying in the video “A few days ago, I saw a video on YouTube, in which the jailer was seen making fun of my father. This video is a few days old. Who at one stage used bad language against my father.” Other singers were also present along with Zaildar on the stage.


Taking aim at Zaildar, Maninder said that his father Shinda has been singing since before the artist was even born. “My father has worked in the Punjabi singing industry for longer than your age. You are an artist who has reached here by paying money. But my father has become a singer on his own strength.” He goes on to say.


He further berated the singer saying, “You are not even close to his caliber” Maninder said that if Surinder Shinda had made a joke when he was alive, he would have replied, but now he has left this world. It is condemnable to make fun of a person who has passed away. He further condemned the singer saying that Zaildar comments were cheap, and said that while his songs reflect obscenity, his father was respected folk singer. Hence Zaildar should learn how to respect his elders.

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