Global Forgiveness Day is celebrated on July 7th every year. Forgiveness day encourages us to forgive as it is an important element of personal health. According to the experts, people who forgive are less towards the certain illness and on the other side, people who don’t forgive and keep it inside suffer from a large number of health and mental problems. Withholding forgiveness can cause problems like – anxiety, high blood pressure and depression. It also leads to negative emotions and problems related to anger and frustration. 

Forgiveness isn’t an easy task, at some times it is more painful than the wounds we suffered. But most of the time, forgiveness is granted without any expectation of restorative justice. Forgiveness is a sign of a strong and powerful person. 

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Forgiveness is better than carrying a burden of pain and if you are finding it difficult to forgive then talk to others, write down about your feelings and you can even ask for help from a professional. 

Forgiveness may heal but it does not always reunite, it would not repair the relationship but would allow one to move on to a more peaceful place in their life. 

If forgiveness is difficult in your case then here is a small tip for you!

You may visit the official website of Global Forgiveness Day. There you may include yourself in forgiving practices, share your experience. 


The world celebrates Forgiveness Day two times a year, one in July and one in August, though the meaning of both days is the same – to forgive. 

The Forgiveness Day on July 7th was created in the year 1994 by the Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors (CECA), the worldwide forgiveness alliance. 

Forgiveness Day was originally started in Canada but later it gained popularity worldwide and was renamed Global Forgiveness Day.

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