Rapper GloRilla throws her sunglasses at 'lucky' fan; her team retrieves it in Awkward viral video

GloRilla who enjoys a great fan following for her looks as well as rapping skills, became the talk of the town after she happily threw her sunglasses into the crowd which was grabbed by one 'lucky' fan.

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It seems like 'going with the flow' proved costly for American rapper GloRilla during the Rolling Loud Miami festival on July 22. GloRilla who enjoys a great fan following for her looks as well as rapping skills, became the talk of the town after she happily threw her sunglass into the crowd which was grabbed by one 'lucky' fan. Throwing t-shirts or belongings by stars in the crowd are common sightings in a live concert, however, for GloRilla's team this was a 'costly' sighting. A video is doing rounds on social media showing GloRilla performing on the stage. While the performance was going on, 'GloRilla throws sunglass' in the crowd. GloRilla's spectacles were grabbed by one lucky fan who kept it as a souvenir. However, his luck dried up when GloRilla's team including her stylist approached the fan and asked him to return the rapper's sunglasses. The entire incident was filmed and following that GloRilla throws sunglasses video went viral on social media fuming netizens on the American rapper.

In the viral GloRilla throws sunglasses video, it can be seen the rapper's team, including her stylist, engaging in conversation with the fan who caught the shades. The exchange became tense as her team requested the return of the accessory. The rapper's stylist told the fan, “I’m her stylist. We know [who you were] because the security told us exactly who you were.” Another member of GloRilla’s entourage then intervenes, ultimately reclaiming the glasses as the fan hesitated to return them. One of the fan can be heard saying, "She threw them". Following that GloRilla became the talk of the town and netizens slammed her for her act.

After continuous trolling and slamming, GloRilla broke her silence saying that she did not tell her team to get back her sunglasses. “I [ain’t] tell [them] to do s**t. [Shut the f**k up] talking to me,” the rapper wrote on her Twitter handle.

What did fans say on GloRilla throws sunglasses video?

A user wrote, "They must have been expensive or borrowed."

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Another user wrote, "Man was heartbroken"

One more user wrote, "The show was over…would have just turned around and walked away with the shades"

It is pertinent to mention here that it is not the first time a Hollywood celeb has faced the ire of fans on social media for asking back their belongings. Similar kind of incident has been observed in Beyonce's concert. A fan named Valentino Rodrigues posted a now-viral TikTok video of the exact moment in which the pop megastar removed her Off-White sunglasses and threw them into the crowd. However, security quickly intervened after Rodrigues seemed to have gotten into a small altercation with a nearby fan who also caught the glasses at the same time. The security guard ultimately ended up walking away with the sunglasses. However, Beyonce had rectified her security's mistake on the spot. She walked back to his section during her song ‘Heated’ and tossed Rodrigues the glasses once more.