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Bigg Boss fame actress Shehnaaz Gill shared a video on her YouTube channel. In that video, Shehnaaz spoke with Spiritual Guru with BK Shivani. After Sidharth’s demise, the actress opened up after a long time.

While interacting with BK Shivani, Shehnaaz shared, “Shehnaaz Gill told BK Shivani in the interaction, "I would often tell Sidharth that I want to talk to Sister Shivani. I really like her. He always said ‘Yes, definitely, it'll happen, you chill’ and then, it happened. I always had the intention and that probably reached you in some way. So then we connected."

Check the video to see the entire conversation:

"I often think how that soul gave me so much knowledge. I could not analyse people before. I was very trusting and I was really innocent at that time but that soul taught me a lot in life. God made me meet that soul and kept us together as friends so that he could teach me something in life. In those two years, I learnt so much. My path was going to go towards God and that is probably why this soul came to my life. He taught me so much. He made me meet people like you. I could strongly handle everything. I am so strong now,” Shehnaaz added.
"Humari journey abhi hai, unki journey complete ho chuki hai. Unka kapda change ho chuka hai lekin woh kahin na kahin aa chuke hain..shakal unki change ho gayi hai but woh dobara iss roop mein aa chuke hain. Unka account mere saath abhi ke liye band ho gaya hai...phir may be continue hoga,” Shehnaaz said further.

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