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My Punjab would be more golden when it’s less black. 

I want a transparent Punjab where the citizens are not fooled by propagandas. 

Where purpose overpowers propaganda and transparency overpowers ambiguity. 

Transparency in terms of data. Transparency in terms of progress, and lack thereof. 

I want our Chief Minister to have a vision. Rising above the typical functioning of a politician, I want someone who has fancy marketing campaigns but fancier real-life, meaningful actions. I want a man/woman running the show with action. Not words but actions. I want our Chief Minister to be a thought leader, not an Administrator. 

I want our culture to thrive and our talent to flourish. I want the brain drain to stop and our talent to be ours for the keeping. I want our state to have the lowest suicide rates and highest literacy rates. I want Punjab to encourage more sustainable, environmentally friendly businesses to set up. 

And really, it does sound like the textbook Punjab, I mean who wouldn’t want all the good for their state? So the question really comes down to this. How am I contributing to making Punjab Golden? 

I’m a young entrepreneur striving to provide a platform for other young people who’ve got stories to share, opinions to voice and wrongs to correct. In doing so, there are lots of eye opening moments where I realize how capitalism runs the show. In a state where money has become the #1 cause of grievances, greed and animosity, I want that to change. I want motivations that are not extrinsic. I want happier people who know how to make a living AND how to live. I want Punjab to take care of our mental well being on top of everything else.

My goal with True Scoop is to do action-oriented journalism where our stories are backed with action so the word in the street about “portals” can change. And I want us to lead this change. 

My Punjab is Golden when my work is Golden. And if everyone decides to do just that with their own respective works, we’ll know we’re on our way to painting our Punjab Golden. 

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