The once prolific Internet Explorer browser will no longer be supported by Microsoft. The browser has now been retired. In recent times, it had become a bit of a meme for its slow response time. Now, after 27 years, it has finally rested.

The browser had been replaced by Microsoft Edge in terms of Microsoft's main browser. This is also a reason for the explorer's retirement, Microsoft wants to push more users to Edge. The Edge is faster, more reliable and more secure. It is also more compatible with older websites.

Twitter paid homage to the browser with some calling it a memorable part of their childhood. Some other nostalgia merchants mockingly called it a shame that explorer is going as it was the best browser to install another browser. The wallpaper now joins the likes of BlackBerry phones on the shelf.

The browser came out in 1995 when the web surfing city was dominated by Netscape Navigator. With the backing of Microsoft, the explorer became the top dog in no time, displacing Navigator. 

The explorer faced a lawsuit in 1997 as it allegedly violated an earlier consent decree. Some even questioned whether tying it with Windows was fair or not. This gave the browser a strange reputation and the market share which in the early 2000s was over 90 % stumbled. This was the time that the users had also begun to grow weary of the slow and bugged browser.

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Currently, its replacement Edge stands at a 4% market share with Chrome and Safari pulling ahead with 65 and 19 % market share respectively. What was now a giant has now been put to sleep. 

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