‘Google I/O 2024’: Google’s groundbreaking new AI features that helps you study, stop frauds & more…

The main focus of Google's developer conference was the tech giant’s new Artificial Intelligence (AI) features

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Google's annual developer conference 'Google I/O 2024' event took place on Tuesday (May 14). Google did not launch any new device in this event this year. However, the main focus of the event was on the tech giant’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) features. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai started the event.


Sundar Pichai stated that the Gemini 1.5 Pro has now been made available to developers and consumers globally. Along with this, Google introduced many features including AI powered search, on-device AI, real-time scam protection, AI video model—VEO and Imagen 3.


Here are 6 special AI features introduced in this year’s developer’s conference


1. AI-powered search: Will help with your homework

Google is enhancing Android's Circle to Search feature. Through this feature, you could search on Google by circling anything on the screen of your Android phone. Now through this feature you can also get instructions on how to solve math or physics problems.


2. Real-time call scam protection: Will help in avoiding fraud

Google is currently testing a feature that alerts users about potential scams. If you receive a scam call, the system can identify and warn you in real-time, helping you avoid potential fraud.


3. Generative AI video model: can create video from text prompt

Google introduced generative AI video model Veo. This is Google's most advanced text to video generation model, which can generate cinematic videos in High definition (HD). The company is inviting many film makers and creators to experiment with this model.


Earlier, Open AI had introduced such a model 'Sora' which can generate 60 seconds long videos. Google claims that its model can generate videos longer than 60 seconds. Veo also understands terms like aerial shot and timelapse.


4. Ask Photos: Searches your photos with the help of AI

Google's new feature, Ask Photos, will start soon. After this, additional capabilities will also be added to it. This feature allows Google Photos to answer questions like “Show me how my daughter's swimming progress is.” For this, it searches photos using Gemini and creates their collection.


5. Imagen 3: An updated version of the text-to-image generator

The company also unveiled Imagen 3, an updated version of the text-to-image generator. Compared to previous versions, Imagen 3 is able to produce photorealistic images with much fewer artefacts. It is currently available to creators as a private preview in ImageFX and will soon come to Google's platform Vertex AI.


Imagen 3 natural language better understands the intent behind your prompt. Sign-ups for Imagen 3 begin today on ImageFX and will be available to developers and enterprise customers soon.


6. Project Astra announced: AI assistant will help in daily life

Google calls Astra the “future of AI assistants”. A universal AI agent that will help in daily life. After turning on the phone camera, you can point at any-thing and get details about it. This will tell you its details immediately. Demis Hassabi, CEO of Google DeepMind, said that the speed and quality of conversation with Astra seems natural.



Gemini AI will support 68 languages

Google has integrated its latest AI Gemini 1.5 Pro into the right sidebar of workspace apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive and Gmail. This virtual assistance will have access to all your saved details. Apart from this, Gemini AI will support 68 languages in Google Meet.


These announcements were also made at the event...


  • A new learning coach, Gem Learn, will be introduced in Google Gemini in the upcoming months. It provides step-by-step study guidance to help you understand rather than just providing answers.
  • Gemini Nano with multimodal capabilities will be available in Pixel devices later this year.
  • Google announced the new Vision Language Open Model Pali Gemma 2, which will arrive next month in June.
  • Gemini-powered features will be available in Google Workspace. Alphabet announces Gemini-powered sidebar for Google Workspaces.
  • Google Search will now provide AI-powered search results with AI overview, which will offer detailed research.
  • Google launches Gemini 1.5 Flash for low latency areas, powered by 1 million tokens.
  • CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google has been investing in AI for more than a decade. The company sees many opportunities ahead in AI.
  • Gemini 1.5 Pro has been updated with 1 million tokens and long context videos, available in 35+ languages.
  • Gemini 1.5 Pro has now been made available to developers globally. Consumers will get 2 million tokens instead of 1 million in Advanced Gemini.