Government of Canada jobs Abroad: Explore exciting opportunities

Are you looking for a unique career opportunity that combines work with adventure?

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The Government of Canada is offering enticing job positions not only within the country but also across the globe. From India to Japan, Mexico to Italy, and beyond, you can find exciting roles in various countries.

Canadian offices abroad

Global Affairs Canada is currently recruiting individuals to work at embassies, high commissions, and consulates worldwide. These positions encompass a wide range of roles, including drivers, translators, officers, analysts, and more. Whether you're interested in experiencing life in Rome, Tokyo, Delhi, or Mexico City, there's an opportunity waiting for you.

Senior Driver / Fleet Driver in Rome, Italy

Salary: €33,655 to €40,011 (CA$48,329 to CA$57,457)

Location: Rome, Italy

Requirements: High school diploma, valid class B driver's license, proficiency in Italian and English or French, experience in passenger driving.

Officer, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service in Tokyo, Japan

Salary: ¥7,481,724 to ¥11,936,887 (CA$68,038 to CA$108,554)

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Requirements: Bachelor's degree, fluency in Japanese and English, experience in cultural industries, social media, and budget management.

Migration Program Officer in Delhi and Bengaluru, India

Salary: 1,659,148 to 2,408,716 Indian rupees (CA$26,774 to CA$38,871)

Location: Delhi and Bengaluru, India

Requirements: Bachelor's degree, proficiency in English, experience in problem analysis, report writing, and leadership.

Junior Facilities and Residence Manager in Mexico City, Mexico

Salary: 414,066 Mexican pesos (CA$32,582)

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Requirements: Technical degree in civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering construction.

Translation Coordinator in Tokyo, Japan

Salary: ¥6,340,698 to ¥10,588,675 (CA$57,662 to $CA96,293)

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Requirements: Degree, translation and interpretation experience, fluency in English and Japanese.

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EDC Senior Officer in Mumbai, India

Salary: 2,408,716 Indian rupees (CA$38,886)

Location: Mumbai, India

Requirements: Degree in business, finance, or related fields, experience in capital providers, financial intermediaries, and proficiency in English and Hindi.

Security and Readiness Program Officer in Jakarta, Indonesia

Salary: 286,192,567 Indonesian rupiah (CA$25,004)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Requirements: Bachelor's degree, proficiency in English and Bahasa Indonesia, research and analysis experience.

Senior Trade Officer in San Jose, Costa Rica

Salary: 36,354,875 Costa Rican colón (CA$92,214)

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Requirements: University degree, proficiency in English and Spanish, international business development experience.

Case Analyst – Migration Program in Bogota, Colombia

Salary: 6,180,915 Colombian pesos per month (CA$2,129 per month)

Location: Bogota, Colombia

Requirements: Bachelor's degree, experience with Microsoft Office, research and analysis skills.

How to Apply

To apply for these exciting Government of Canada positions, visit the GC International Staffing website. Ensure that you meet the specific requirements for each job and submit your application before the respective closing dates.


Exploring career opportunities with the Government of Canada abroad can be a rewarding experience. Whether you dream of working in Rome, Tokyo, or elsewhere, these positions offer a chance to combine professional growth with international adventure.

Apply today and embark on a new journey with the Government of Canada.