The problem of garbage dumps at various places in the city has now become a matter of concern for the Jalandharites. Each and almost every day the residents of the city have been complaining about the issue but in vain. The concerned authorities have failed to understand that it is a need for an hour to solve this problem.

A few months back, an NGO hunted for places in Jalandhar where stinking dumps of Jalandhar can be found and clicked some pictures as well as selfies to raise awareness against this menace.

Adding to this further, residents of Model Town, Urban Estate Phase 1 and 2 also raised their voices against the issue of garbage dumps and problems related to it.

Astha Singh, a resident of Model Town stated that if no attention is paid to the removal of garbage dumps then it will pose a serious threat to the health of the people living near it.

“If the area becomes a dumping zone, it will become a nuisance for the whole locality and affect thousands daily,” said Abdul, one of the residents.

True Scoop then spoke to the Health Officer of MC Jalandhar, Dr. Shri on this issue and this is what he has to say about it.

“The lifting of waste and garbage dumps has gone on a slow pace due to the rainy season. The height of garbage dumps has increased by 25-30 meters which created many obstacles for the vans moving on the heaps of garbage to collect it. Another reason why there are heaps of garbage in the city is that we had a contract with the private company for its disposal and it ended due to some reasons. But I assure you that this problem will be solved in a week or so as we have already made different plans for the same.”

He further added that it is also the responsibility of people to segregate their house waste as told so that it becomes easier for the waste disposal team to collect it and send it for further processing.

He impressed on the point, “It is not only the job of a corporation to solve this problem, common people have equal responsibility in doing so.”

Will the government and people of the city join hands together to solve this problem to make Jalandhar a smart city?


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