One and a half year-old-girl falls severely ill after eating expired chocolate from a Patiala shop

A month after the Patiala Cake death incident, a toddler fell severely ill after eating an expired chocolate bought from a Patiala confectionary shop.

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In a shocking incident, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl fell severely ill after eating some expired chocolate from a shop in Patiala. According to reports, chocolate for the girl was purchased from the same Patiala city where a 10-year-old girl had died on her birthday a few days ago after eating an online-ordered cake. The girl started vomiting blood following which she was admitted to the hospital for treatment. The sick girl was reportedly a resident of Ludhiana.


The incident was reported to the Health department who promptly reached the Patiala shop to investigate. It was then revealed that the chocolate had expired at the time of sale. The girl, originally a resident of Ludhiana, was staying at her relatives’ house in Patiala, who had bought her a gift basket with the chocolate in it.


The girl started to vomit after eating the chocolate. At first, the family suspected it to be a minor affliction, however with time, the girl’s health kept worsening. Eventually she started to vomit blood following which she was hospitalized.


As per reports, a 22-year-old girl also ate one of these chocolates and had to be admitted to the hospital. Along with the team of health officials, the family immediately went to the confectionery shop from where the gift basket was purchased and found that it had expired.


Police & health department reached the store and confiscated all the expired items from the shop. The police has recorded the family members and an investigation is underway.


Patiala Cake house incident:

Last month in Patiala, a 10 year old girl died on her birthday. The family claimed that the girl fell ill after eating the cake that was ordered online through Zomato. The video of the girl taken a few hours before her death also went viral. The Health Department registered an FIR against the culprit New India Bakery which was registered in Amritsar and was reportedly a cloud kitchen. Four of the bakery's staff were arrested while the owner remains at large.

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