Hamas fedayeen allegedly kill Thai worker in Israel using a Shovel in horrific video

Hamas fedayeen were apparently seen barbarically killing a worker from Thailand living in Israel with a shovel.

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Two days after Hamas invaded Israel from multiple fronts i.e. land, water & sea, many videos continue to surface on social media. Hamas not only invaded Israel but it barbarically killed Israelis including women & children. Not only this, Hamas did not discriminate in killing as it even barbarically killed tourists and migrants living in Israel. Talking about barbarism, a horrific video of Hamas is going viral on social media. 


In the viral video, Hamas fedayeen were apparently seen killing a worker from Thailand living in Israel barbarically. Hamas militants were seen screaming religious chants and filming the video of them killing a Thai worker. What was worth condemning is that Hamas used a shovel to kill him as he was breathing his last. The video shows a person using a shovel and continuously attacking the almost-dead person on his neck. 


It is pertinent to mention here that True Scoop News cautions that the content of the video is EXTREMELY DISTRESSING and hence it may impact you. 


As last reported, the death toll from the massive assault launched by Hamas on Israeli communities near Gaza and thousands of rockets fired into Israel is over 500, the media reported on Sunday citing estimates provided by officials.

Among the dead are over 12 soldiers and police who were killed battling the terrorists, the Times of Israel reported. The Health Ministry also confirms that the number of wounded in hospitals has reached 2,048, including 20 in critical condition and 330 seriously wounded. The military continues to battle gunmen in border communities more than 30 hours after the assault.


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