Is Hardik Pandya leaving Gujarat Titans? Mumbai Indians allegedly in talks with CVC Capitals

As IPL trade talks for cricketers intensify, there have been rumours that the Star Cricketer might be leaving the Gujrat Titans for Mumbai Indians

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There have been alot of speculations about the IPL Trading talks. Amongst these speculations, the most rumored topic has been Hardik Pandya leaving Gujrat Titans and moving back to Mumbai Indians. People are curious about the Trading talks which have been going on for a while.



Hardik Pandya has been a player for Mumbai Indians for about seven seasons in the IPL. But before the 2022 season, he left and joined the Gujarat Titans. With Pandya as the captain, they made it to the IPL finals two times in a row and even won the trophy in their very first season. 



When asked, Mumbai Indians team members are not saying anything regarding the rumors. Cricket enthusiasts and fans must have to wait till the 26th of November to find out the mere details of the trading as it is going to be the last day of IPL trading.



There has been a source who is adding fuel to the fire on the rumours of Pandya getting traded to Mumbai Indians by saying that "Yes, they're talking about Hardik going to Mumbai Indians. There remains a chance that he might switch sides but at this moment, nothing more can be confirmed as of now as the deal is yet to be signed."



As the trading list is still waiting, we can not predict who might join the Gujrat Titans if Hardik moves back to Mumbai Indians as of now.



The Mumbai Indians have not provided any confirmation statement on whether they have decided to let go their 8 crore buy Jofra Archer, who has been dealing with injuries since the last two seasons. They have put 5.50 crore for mini auction as the IPL governing bodies have provided a budget of 5 crore more. They might have to release some of their more expensive buys to gain more amount of money.



Amidst these romours there has been an arise in a very important question which is whether Hardik Pandya going to be led on by Rohit Sharma who has been an iconic champion and brought five trophies with his extraordinary performances.



We still haven't received the clarity in these questions yet. Every cricket enthusiast is excited to hear about the official news from the BCCI. The 2023 IPL auction is without a doubt going to be an interesting talk of the town especially if Hardik decides to switch back to Mumbai Indians. Fans are thrillingly waiting to find out the answers to all these rumors soon.