Have you ever wondered why sports have a unique fashion? Check out this first-ever sports fashion scandal

These days the rules are very strict with regard to the dress code of the game

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Several years ago a player who made her debut in the prestigious Wimbledon stunned the tennis lovers. She was also making her debut in the worst sports fashion disasters ever.

Her attire was a complete distraction from the spirit of the game. It all happened in 1919 in the Wimbledon event, a 20-year-old French woman namely Suzanne Lenglen made her shocking debut.

She wore a low-neck dress with short sleeves on a calf-length pleated skirt, She was spotted in stockings just above her knees, visible enough to the spectators and complimented her look with a hat.

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The look resembled a countryside summer trip look. But this will surprise you that she went on to win that tournament and the list has just begun she also won the next four Wimbledon title to her name.

This is not it; she also won 3 Olympic medals and two French Open games.  

Well, the typical rules and the rebellious players are such a combination of sport that all would want to watch for a few it might seem indecent but for a few others, it may be inspiring.

However these days the rules are very strict with regard to the dress code of the game and it also repeated in Serena Williams case but her love for the game and the immense respect for her sport from, fans never let that down her anywhere.

Instead, the fashion is inspired by the spirit of the sports.