Health Alert! America’s research report declared Delhi’s air poisonous. Save yourself by these methods and Don’t lose your 10 years of Life

According to America’s research report , Air pollution in Delhi has reached a very dangerous level. The air is declared very poisonous and can reduce 10 years from the lifespan of people living in Delhi. And to save their lives people must adopt a healthy lifestyle and some healthy methods.

Our country’s capital New Delhi is counted as one of the world’s most polluted cities. The polluted air of Delhi is taking the lives of so many people. According to the Chicago University’s Energy policy interview , the Air Quality Life Index has given information that Delhi is declared as the most polluted city in the world. 

After Bangladesh India is the second most polluted country in the world. Due to the increase in the amount of pollution in Delhi, the average lifespan of people has decreased by 10 years. According to the Air Quality Index , the Annual Air Quality Standards of Delhi in 2020 was 107 ug/m3 which was 21 times more than the given guidelines of WHO. 63% of India’s population is living in the areas where Air Quality Index standards are more than 40 ug/m3. 

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According to the report, it is important to take safety measures to save yourself from this toxic air pollution . Have a look at some methods here.
  • Stay In Your Homes : 


  • To avoid intake of toxic air inside your lungs it is preferred to stay inside your homes if there is no urgent need to go out. Avoid outdoor activities. The senior citizens should take extra precautions while going out. Make sure children should enjoy inside activities rather than going out.  

  • Use Air Purifiers : 


  • Air Purifiers can be seen as the most useful method to remove polluted and toxic substances from air. Air Purifiers can help to detox the outside air full of pollutants and make the inside air quality better for health.

  • Wear masks when you go outside : 


  •  Everyone has become habitual of  wearing masks in COVID period , but take a note that it is not only to avoid coronavirus to enter in our lungs but it can be used as a very good method to avoid the toxic pollutant to enter in our body when we go outside. AN95 mask is said to be very useful for this purpose.

  • Plant more trees :

  • To purify indoor air of your home you should plant more trees inside and outside of your homes. This will help to remove the excess amount of CO2 from the environment. This will help to cool down the temperature of earth and reduce global warming . You can plant these plants in your home - aloe vera, snake plant, bamboo palm etc.

  • Eat healthy : 

  • Eating healthy is one of the important things to live a healthy lifestyle. Use healthy things to eat like fresh fruits, vegetables etc. Avoid fast food to avoid diseases. Drink more amount of water to make your body hydrated and adopt more physical activities to maintain good health. 

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