Heart-Melting picture during Russia-Ukraine War, local Ukrainian treat Russian solider with tea and Snacks| WATCH out

The battleground between Russia and Ukraine continued on the eighth day as well. However, amid the war situation here are some of the heart-melting scenes that can be seen in the given video.

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The battleground between Russia and Ukraine continued on the eighth day as well. However, amid the war situation here are some of the heart-melting scenes that can be seen in the given video.

 As the Ukrainian, where a Russian soldier surrenders to the local people of Ukraine. However, despite this, the people of Ukraine treat him with all humanity and arrange tea and snacks for him.

The Tweet Says:
It is not very difficult to understand what will be the outcome of the war in Ukraine. Ukraine's army and civilians can hardly last long before the strong and aggressive Russian army, but the stamina shown by the Ukrainian soldiers so far was not expected by anyone in the world including Russia. 

During the war, the Ukrainian army gave a befitting reply, taking many Russian soldiers captive. Media reports are reporting that Russian prisoners of war are now pleading that they did not know that they were being sent to war.

Russian soldiers said we did not know that we were being sent to war

Russian prisoners have wept, saying they had no idea they were being sent to invade Ukraine, as reported. The commanders used them as cannon fodder. After Vladimir Putin's army suffered heavy losses, the authorities threw them into battle against the peaceful people who defended their land. 

This is not our War

There is no need to stay here. These are the words of a wounded soldier who was filmed sitting in front of the flag of Ukraine. One footage showed a Russian prisoner crying. This prisoner is saying that we don't even pick up dead bodies, there is no funeral for soldiers.

Russian soldiers surrendering their own tanks

A British intelligence agency has corroborated the New York Times' claims by issuing an intercepted radio message. In this voice recording, Russian soldiers are heard refusing to fight. Voice recordings show Russian soldiers refusing to obey orders to bomb Ukrainian cities. Many soldiers are surrendering their own tanks to the Ukrainian people and apologizing.

Ukraine claims Russia lost 8500 soldiers till day

Ukraine has claimed that Russia lost 8500 soldiers in the early days of the conflict. It has suffered the fastest loss since World War II. Putin's fighters have suffered a humiliating defeat. The Russian army tried to achieve victory as quickly as possible, but instead faced stiff resistance from the Ukrainian army. 

Russia's offensive has slowed as commanders regrouped, changed tactics and renewed their attack. Now it is also facing heavy resistance from the people of Kyiv. There is a possibility of a bloody war soon. The Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that Russia resumed fighting on all fronts and suffered losses.

If refused, he would have been killed

At the same time, separate videos posted on Telegram showed Russian soldiers saying they were disappointed when they learned they were being sent to fight in Ukraine. They said we were told that it is time for war and if we refuse, we will be considered as the enemy of the country. Had we refused, we could have been shot.  We were thrown like cannon fodder.  We want to go home, we want peace.

Love you: Mom, Dad

In the initial phase, Russian soldiers wounded and captured by Ukraine were left to fend for themselves. A soldier said, no one attacked us. I do not understand what Russia wants from the war.  Mom, Dad, I love you. 

A soldier said that Kyiv and Moscow, children should be removed from the battlefield. While another said that no one wants war. Meanwhile, the handcuffed soldier was filmed crying bitterly and wiping his eyes. When a female relative called him I love you on the phone, he broke down.