The WhatsApp message by the name 'Heineken beer Father's Day contest 2022' is stealing personal information by luring people who want to make their father's day special. The message reads- you can win 5000 bottles of beer for your father.

The message lures in loving sons and daughters by offering them a chance at 5000 bottles of free beer. Once they are lured in their personal information is stolen.

There is a picture of a crate filled with bottles of chilled beer, in addition to this, there is a link to a website where you can participate in a contest. According, to the warning by online alerts on opening this website we will be opening a phishing website which will steal all our personal information.

Heineken has cleared their name and said there is no such competition being started by the beer company. The company, in response to raised questions, wrote on Twitter."This is a scam. Thank you for bringing this up with us. Please do not click on this link at all or forward it to others."

The website opens on clicking the link and our personal information, account details are put at risk. The user is also made to sign up for some unwanted services as a part of the scam. Not only this but users are also asked to send the same link to 20 of their contacts. This is killing 20+1 birds with one stone.

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This is not the first time that a scam has been run in the name of Heineken. In 2018 and 2020, such messages offering free beer were also spread not only on WhatsApp but on Twitter and Facebook as well.


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