Here are some tips to make fashion choices ahead of the festive season

Connect online and make the best use of technology to liven up your spirits

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Its time to pause, to relook, to rethink - Its the time to revive the spirits. This year festivities will not be like anything you've experienced in the past; we may miss the meeting and celebrate with our loved ones but social media helps you bridge that distance.

Connect online and make the best use of technology to liven up your spirits and look your best to ensure you always remember this festive as a memorable and unique one! Here are some tips shared by Sreyashee Halder, VP Design, Brand W (TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd) on how to choose relevant and appropriate fashion in these unprecedented times.

Make a conscious choice

Sustainability has made a special space for itself in fashion and in the future, it is going to be even more meaningful. The overall way we consume fashion, from our choice of material and fabrics that we wear, to the lives of people we touch in the process of creating and wearing fashion, all go a long way in contributing to a sense of being conscious. Also creating a minimal wardrobe with interesting and unique pieces to mix n match gives you a variety of looks without investing in multiple pieces.

Forever Green

Green - a color that has gained huge popularity recently being a color that is automatically related to being eco-friendly - is a must-have color this festive. The color has become a trans-seasonal tone as green has an automatic connect with nature, positivity and well-being and it is a color that connects with human emotions. From soft pistachio to mid-tones like jade to rich emerald greens � One must not forget to pick up atleast an outfit in this colour this season.

The Bold & confident look

Look bold and feel confident this festive. Dress up for yourself and your loved ones around you. Leave behind stories of the past and immerse yourself with happiness and positivity and look forward to better times ahead. The Bomber set by W is a true example of this spirit where the festive avatar of the bomber jacket is clubbed with a flared relaxed skirt to give you a glamourous head-turner look!

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Going back to the roots

As fashion evolves, we see the traditional kurta going shorter and are now being clubbed with voluminous bottoms. The traditional Indian fashion of "The salwar Kameez" makes a comeback. Flaunt your patialas, salwars, shararas, and ghararas with above the knee short kurtas for that perfect festive ensemble.

The One Perfect Piece

This year as focus moves towards comfort, simplicity, and minimalism � Festive dresses emerge as a winner being a single piece outfit that creates a season-appropriate look yet is extremely convenient to wear. The Glam factor is enhanced when the dress is made in soft and lustrous velvet giving the wearer a royal and regal feel. No need to think about too much accessorizing � a dressy pair of earrings and embellished heels is all that is needed to complete the look!