The Scandinavian decor has a certain enchantment about it. We are drawn in by the neutral colour scheme, minimal decoration, and warm feel. But how do you make your own? Continue reading as we walk you through Scandinavian décor and design ideas to get you started on your Nordic-inspired house!

What exactly is Scandinavian décor?
Interior designers in Kolkata believe that Scandinavian interior design has a special allure to it. The neutral colour palette, minimal adornment, and cosy atmosphere entice us. But how do you go about making your own? Continue reading to learn about Scandinavian décor and design ideas to help you get started on your Nordic-inspired home!

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Think Hygge 

Hygge, on the other hand, is what distinguishes Scandinavian home décor from other types. That is, to cultivate an atmosphere that promotes emotions of warmth, contentment, and comfort. Although the term originates in Denmark, many Nordic houses have a similar pleasant aura without being unduly extravagant. 

Interior designer in Kolkata say that Scandinavian designs have exactly the perfect amount of furniture and décor — not too much, nor too little. The same is true for Scandi colour palettes. Scandinavian colours are often relaxing and neutral, with palettes consisting of whites, greys, black, and blue accents. The wintery scenery and sky of the Nordic nations are also reflected in the design.

The Main Elements of Scandi Décor 

Wherever feasible, many Scandinavian home design elements are basic and natural. These places are not only functional, but the Scandinavian décor is also wonderfully tactile. Scandi home design has an earthy feel thanks to raw textures in fabrics and handcrafted furnishings. Woods, leather, and pelts lend warmth to the chilly colour palette.

Scandinavian Décor Ideas from the Best Interior Designers in Kolkata

1. Artwork Inspired by Nature 

Scandinavian wall design frequently shows or refers to nature or the human form, whether it's a line painting or an abstract watercolour. You may display your favourite monochrome artwork alone, as part of a series, or as part of a bigger arrangement. If you need assistance with your art layout, use our simple gallery wall tutorial.

2. Fleece Textiles 

Scandinavian nations can experience frigid conditions, thus comfortable fabrics such as wool or mohair blankets are important. Warming blankets and rugs not only give warmth, but they also soften the often harsh aesthetic of a minimalist Scandinavian room. These fluffy accents serve as both a utilitarian and fashionable textural feature. This is why interior designers in Kolkata consider these fabrics a big part of the Scandi décor. 

3. Statement Lighting

Because decorating is limited, utilitarian features can also be decorative. One such example is lighting. Lantern-style pendant lights made of linen, paper, or wicker are among the popular choices. However, quirky and colourful modern lighting design is also present in the most recent Scandinavian home décor trends.

4. Easy Patterns 

Home interior designers in Kolkata say that Scandinavian home décor is minimalistic in terms of themes and patterns. Sweet cross motifs, straight lines, small chevrons, and uncomplicated geometric designs are ideal for these quiet spaces. In fact, patterned soft furnishings give a splash of colour to a Nordic-inspired space.

5. Natural Materials 

Natural fibres, such as wood and suede, play an important role in Scandinavian design. The rugged and raw aspect of these earthy pieces contrasts beautifully with the soft and comfortable linens, making them even more appealing.

How to Decorate a Scandinavian-style Living Room 

  • Choose bare or minimal floor coverings and window treatments. 
  • Create a relaxed arrangement that facilitates social contact, such as a sofa, lounge chairs, and coffee table that are near together yet comfortably separated. Even better if you have a fireplace! You can reminisce about huddling over a campfire. 
  • Incorporate storage that is both attractive and functional. A DIY coffee table, for example, can conceal a storage section. 
  • Create a monochrome gallery wall by planning and arranging it. 
  • Limit yourself to two or three Scandinavian décor pieces, such as a floor lamp or pendant light, a rug, throw cushions, or a woollen throw.
  • To stand out against a primarily white, black, or grey colour scheme, add a few blue accents. This might be in the form of artwork, decor, or pottery. 
  • Finally, add some greenery! Pot plants are essential, especially if you want to add a splash of colour without detracting from the Scandinavian home design style.

Essentials of a Scandi Bedroom Décor 

According to interior designer in Kolkata, these are the essentials of a Scandinavian bedroom. 

  • Uncomplicated nightstands: Small stools or rectangular side tables work as well as long as the surfaces are immaculate. 
  • Slim table lamps are nice, but putting sconces or a basic pendant over your nightstands is preferable. 
  • Scandinavian wall decorating must have little artwork! Just over the bed, display one or two of your favourite black-and-white images, typography, or abstract artworks. 
  • Lovely bedding: The most appealing bed may be made with lush linen, a fluffy duvet, a warming blanket, and soft pillows. Two monotones scatter pillows complete this lovely corner. 
  • Petite plants: A Scandi bedroom, like the rest of a Scandinavian home, needs a charming small pot plant or two to complete the earthy appeal.

Scandi Fusions for the Best Interiors in Kolkata 

Interior designers in Kolkata swear by these Scandinavian décor fusions – 

Boho Scandi 
The comfort of boho décor and the earthiness of Scandinavian design are a marriage made in interior heaven. A boho-Scandi decor is colourful, layered, and tranquil. These houses often feature a monochromatic or neutral colour palette, as well as all of the comfortable embellishments that we associate with bohemian décor.

Industrial Scandi 
Industrial and Scandinavian interior design trends are frequently at odds. On the one hand, industrial interiors are concerned with manufactured machinery or building elements such as beams and steel frameworks. Scandinavian design, on the other hand, is influenced by nature and conviviality. As a consequence, the contrast between soft natural accents and rigid surfaces is dramatic.

Modern Scandi
Modern and Scandinavian design styles are derived from the same revolutionary design epoch. Both themes favour clean lines that attract attention to the natural environment and value natural materials. As a result, the interiors are sophisticated and attractive.

So, here you have it! These Scandi home décor tips are approved by the best home interior designer in Kolkata. But if you wish to give your home a complete facelift, getting in touch with a professional interior design firm like Livspace is the way to go. Livspace is one of the most well-known interior design companies in India offering comprehensive décor solutions for your home. So, wait no more.  Visit their website today! 

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