'Highly priced' Deepika Padukone’s skin-care brand faces backlash; Know about 82°E

A small bottle of moisturizer costs Rs. 2,700 and sunscreen drops of 50 ml cost Rs. 1,800.

Deepika-Padukone Deepika-Padukone-skin-care-brand Deepika-Padukone-brand-82E

Famous Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone launched her skincare brand named 82°E on Tuesday. She has launched the brand in collaboration with Jigar K Shah. In her 82°E skincare brand two products have been launched one being a moisturized and other a sunscreen. Giving information about same, her moisturizer is named as Ashwagandha Bounce costing Rs. 2,700 and sunscreen drops named as Patchouli Glow which costs Rs. 1,800.


As soon as latest range of products were launched officially by 82°E, people and other social media users turned out to be unsatisfied with prices of products. Many people also criticized the way Deepika Padukone chose to launch her brand. Deepika Padukone went live on Instagram handle and spoke about the line, how she came up with the name of the brand and why she has chosen to launch a self-care brand. Users trolled her calling it a lack luster for a famous celeb to introduce brand like this.


Some of the users even released that Deepika Padukone self-care brand’s products are too overpriced that they prefer to purchase products from Kay by Katrina which is again a self-care brand launched by Katrina Kaif.


Almost all famous celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif,Alia Bhatt and now Deepika Padukone have launched their self-care brands but no one has ever faced a backlash like this.


While commenting in this regard a user wrote that products launched on website are too overpriced and uninspiring. She further added that it will be just because of her face value that people might try out products, but no one as such likes buying such high-cost products.


Another user said, “It's too expensive, kindly drop prices a bit and make it affordable for common people.”


Here are some of the tweets through which Deepika Padukone’s 82°E skincare brand does not seem to have a very warm welcome by common people.