THIS historic fort is closed to tourists until July 31: Know the details

Mumbai Police and district authorities evacuated visitors from Raigad Fort, 170 km from Mumbai, due to heavy rain. The historic fort is closed to tourists until July 31.

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An official press release on Monday stated that Mumbai Police and district authorities had successfully evacuated visitors and hikers from Raigad Hill Fort, approximately 170 km from Mumbai, due to heavy rain. Tourists are not allowed entry to the historic fort until July 31. This was the capital of Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Heavy rains over the past 24 hours have trapped many visitors at the fort in Raigad district, which is part of the Maharashtra Konkan region. One Mahad police station official stated that the fort Payri Marg (step way) was especially damaged, making it unsafe for visitors to walk across.People were stuck at the location, and a video of it was going viral on social media.
Teams from the district administration and Raigad police responded by conducting evacuation operations. The official reported that although there was no cloudburst, there was a lot of rain in the area, with notable amounts also occurring in the tehsils of Mahad Srivardhan and Mhasala. The ropeway that leads to the fort will be the only one open during this time.

Massive rains also struck Mumbai on Monday, leading to severe waterlogging in some areas and delays in suburban train services. All BMC government and private schools and colleges in Mumbai (BMC area) were forced to cancel their first and second sessions as a result.
In various parts of Mumbai, more than 300 mm of rain fell between 1 and 7 a. m. today. With decisions about future sessions to be announced based on ongoing reviews, the BMC has declared a holiday for the first session in schools and colleges.

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