Home Interior Designs: Modern Designs for your Simple & Contemporary House

Some people like to have a different design for different parts of their home but the theme of your house should be in consonance with the larger perspective or the goals that you have set.

Modern yet simple is the new mantra for home interior design. People like simple or minimalistic designs that give them a contemporary and modern feel. With new year and pandemic expected to fade out, house interior design professionals are back in the business. For these designs, inspiration is usually taken from natural or mechanical world. The ideas are everywhere but the artistic desires in each one of us help us find one particular way to have a modern interior design that has simplistic tendencies. Some people like to have a different design for different parts of their home but the theme of your house should be in consonance with the larger perspective or the goals that you have set. Apart from design, the light and color in the rooms signify and portray a different mood, whether it is small house interior design or medium or large one.

Let's discuss different design elements for various parts of the house.

Modern living rooms:

Living rooms is a place where usually people spend most of their time. It is regarded as a focal point of the house. One can have a different set of designs in the living room. You can have dark colored floor or light colored floor and later on you can add a carpet of any color that suits you the best. When simplistic designs are considered, people usually prefer light or dark grey colored matt on the floor. If a living room is big and spacious- which it should be- the one side of the wall must have windows while one of the sides have a television set. Never place your television set opposite to the window wall because the screen will reflect light and picture won't be clear. Dark brown floor is often linked with grey colored walls. The color variations in the living room depend upon the liking of members in the family. You can have small tables adjacent to the sofas. Place a vase or lamp on these small tables. You can also have a chandelier in the living room.

To make it relax and cozy, interior designer Juan Montoya writes in Elle Decor that more furniture will be placed in the living room but these should be less in number. When there is more furniture, the seating area will be stretched. Furniture made from natural material like marbles gives your home a calm ambience. Patterns that give a sense of texture on carpets give another sense of neutral mediator. Sometimes, shiny surfaces reflects light that can be distracting. However, one can have dusky carpets or cover your floor with light or dark colored mats.

Kitchen ideas designs:

Kitchen is the area that should look and actually be clean. Although preferences of color and design depends upon who is setting up the kitchen. It is obvious that men and women have a different taste of designing kitchen. The kitchen is a centre of so many activities at home. People are always in their kitchen. Water, food and other essential items are all available in the kitchen area. Some people prefer dark wooden cup boards because these most probably don't demand deep cleaning. It will save time from your daily chores in the kitchen. Hence, kitchen is the most demanding, high-functioning and busiest of the areas at home. Experts say that metallic and leather should be used in a more formal setting while garlands can be placed to give it a personal feel in the kitchen. All the floral arrangements or texture based on floral arrangement lend your kitchen a personalized feel.

Now-a-days people love having green cabinetry. Cookware should be aesthetically pleasing because everything is attached to your feelings. Heavy duty materials and finishes help you in saving you a lot of spending on wear and tear loss. It is always better to have a maximum storage space or have a spacious flooring where more than five people can easily accommodate. Sometimes, if you are alone at home and your friends visit you, they may step in your kitchen area to have a chat while you're preparing something for them because they may not leave you alone behind. Such assumptions can help.

Kitchen has now become a favorite restaurant for everybody. You should have appliances that are actually used by experts or cooks in big restaurants because it shows your taste. Sharp, clean lines and sleek finishes help. Smart voice-activated faucets allow no-touch easy washing of hands.


Mostly dark colored dining tables are preferred and these should be placed near the kitchen area. However, there is no hard and fast rule for selecting a color combination for your dining furniture because it varies from person to person. However you should try to adjust it with the theme of the kitchen. On the dining table, you can have a nice long and broad candle stand or a bowl in which you can have anything for the purpose of design. You can place your dining table near the windows because natural light uplifts the mood.

You should also ask yourself if you are preparing setting your dining room for formal parties or for casual gatherings. Small roundtables are extremely useful for enabling conversations because you are facing others on the table. Long, narrow dining tables often are not conservation enablers. Your chairs could be of dark color while the table can be light colored one. Make the center of the table a focal point and attractive.  The lighting should be proper and warm.

Bathroom area:

White is the essential color in your bathroom. Moreover, black and white seems to be more eye catching. However, you can reboot your bathroom once or twice in some years. Depending upon your budget, your bathroom can be a space that again shows your hygiene. Some people also use chandelier in the bathrooms because they add a royalty factor. Brightly hued tiles or color blue is often given a primacy over other colors in the bathroom. Have one or two window but window panes should be blurred and these are essential for cross ventilation.

The element of nature can be given a space in the bathroom area with right amount of flowers or texture based tiles. One can also have a mirror with reflection from behind of sparrows or species that like water. One can also play with wallpapers. You can have a wallpaper of dolphins or fishes on the ceiling. Graphic wallpapers are also used on the walls. Heated marble floors keeps the floor cozy in cold.

People can experiment with floor because light colored floor or strips in the floor tiles reflects more light as compared to the darker variants. People spend their most intimate times in the bathroom. Dramatic marble covered walls help in keeping the mood dynamic. The bathroom should be a space that needs to be airy, big, spacious, bright and sun-filled. Bath tub should b big but not too deep. Ensure proper care and don't leave toddlers or kids alone in bathroom. They may hurt themselves. Ensure the tiles are not slippery. Bath tub can be placed near the windows that may give you a view of natural growth.


A bedroom which is modern and simple should not be cold. An art deco lamp can be paired with the windows that are not too shiny. One wall in the bedroom should be reserved for windows. Curtains can be dark or light as per the choice of the buyers. Often dark colored curtains suit if the color on the walls is light. Rich velvet curtains also look beautiful and exquisite in bedroom. A four poster iron bed placed on an antique floor gives a royal look. Wood furniture adds warmth. You can have a big table with many chest drawers that green color looks uber cool.

You can have rich colorful accessories on the bed. For example, from keeping a set up pillows that have criss-cross patters or dark colored floral designed pillows to having a light colored bed sheet or a plain bed sheet, it all gives your bed room a soothing and warm look. With a color combination in accessories, you can maintain the simplicity and modernity in the bedroom.

A wardrobe can be in walnut finish or coffee color in a room where the wall have light colored paint. If the paint on the wall is already so dark, you may like to consider pairing it with light colored wardrobe, etc. If it is a room for a single entity or two people, prefer to have a nice normal size bed with storage. With more storage in your bedroom, you can store much of your material in your bedroom. Aluminum bench covered in green or any other colored jacquard can be placed in front of the bed.

Upholstered beds can have nice wallpapers or posters hanging behind on the wall. Hanging lamps also help in the bedrooms. Two small tables can be placed adjacent to the bed on the forehead side that may be in consonance with the theme of the bed.

Minimalist decor can be ensured with white walls because white walls adds depth to the accessories that are placed in the room. People can have warm tones, oxblood accents, beach escape, etc. You can place your books in your bed room on the racks in such a way that it doesn't disrupt the setting on a whole.

Your bedroom can also have shades of grey with black and white accessories.

Outdoor decorating design:

If you have a big courtyard then you can possibly have an outdoor kitchen and fireplace. It gives a different and unique look to your house and whenever you would like to throw parties, the outdoor kitchen helps save money and energy. The outdoor ambience can be uplifted with lights of different shades and colors. Dark and light colors can be used and replaced as per climate changes.

If you have a big house, having a fountain or two or three fountains with lights attached in them can give your house a beautiful look. You can place a dining table outside near the kitchen. Dining table should be marble and dark because light colored tables may get dirty easily when kept outside. You can play with the walls in the backyard by using walnut colored tiles on them and then you can hanging planters. These are easily available through e-commerce sites. Pots can be placed near the front entry doors or in the window boards. Sitting outside in summers has its own charm. Try stringing lights and hang these in the backyard and at the entry gate.

You can plant trees outside in the courtyard and hang in from the trees. Outside area can be reserved for a swimming pool. You can also have globe type lights on the floor of your park. Egg chairs are also nice to be seen in the courtyard. Wall planters are another set of exquisite vertical green plants that adds new scheme to your home.

Kids' room:

Kids' room is often flooded with toys. A word of caution is to mend sharp edges and slippery tiles. Use a combination of light and dark color because the more vibrant the room is, it spreads a similar energy. Plan a gender neutral coloring like grey. Don't go for mountain type bed if your child couldn't go up the staircase without aid. The staircase can have book shelves where you can easily stock books and other reading material. A study table is also a must in your kid's room. You can also attach suspended planets from above the ceiling because it gives a beautiful look like space and make for an education centered design. You can also have nice wallpapers: natural or mechanical as per the likings of your kids. There are some things that literally grow with your child.

The windows should be planned in such a way that your kids won't be able to open them without your help. Have a nice chandelier if you are not going to play much with the ceiling. 3D wall stickers are also available in the market. Place fluffy and soft sofas and other material in the kids' room because they usually are carefree and may sit or jump on sofas or bed.

Smart homes are a reality now.

Sensors in the kitchen area may send you a timely trigger warning if you have forgotten by switching on the gas or if there is any gas leakage or wastage of water, etc. Now you can have all the mod-cons installed in your home. From the lock on the gate and front door to tech enabled taps and geysers you can have anything. Solar energy can be used by installing solar panels at the rooftops because now is the time to make energy saving, economical homes.

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