Model Tina Thadani and singer Honey Singh have acknowledged their relationship. At an event in Delhi on Tuesday, he referred to her as "meri girlfriend" (my girlfriend) and said that it was she who came up with the name Honey 3.0, which is also the name of his latest album. A video from the event is now online.

Tina and Honey made their first public appearance together, and it appears that they have now formalized their relationship. On the occasion, Honey Singh wore a white shirt, black pants, and a blazer. Tina was dressed in a black dress with a thigh-high slit. During this time, fans saw Tina's purse, which is said to be worth 2.5 lakhs.

Photos and videos taken during the occasion showed Honey Singh and Tina strolling hand in hand. One of the pictures shows Tina and Honey walking together while exchanging glances and smiles.

His most recent single, Paris Ka Trip, features Tina. According to rumours, singer Honey Singh and the model became closer during the song's recording, and now that they are both officially in love with one another, Honey Singh, the singer, has made the relationship public.

Honey made his connection public with Tina public three months after his divorce from his wife Shalini Talwar was finalized. Honey Singh and his wife Shalini Talwar divorced on August 2022 of this year. Shalini, Honey Singh's wife, had requested a divorce from the singer on grounds of domestic abuse.

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