Hotel Regenta Palace MD faces allegations of exploiting employee, igniting outcry; know the details

The MD of Hotel Regenta Palace in Phagwara faces severe controversy after a female employee made serious allegations against him.

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The managing director (MD) of Hotel Regenta Palace in Phagwara is the subject of severe controversy after a female employee leveled serious allegations against him. The woman said the MD told her to let NRIs (non-resident Indians) into the hotel without the necessary paperwork during a live social media stream. She claimed that the MD pressured her to carry out this task for a mere Rs 3800 and even threatened her with physical harm if she refused to comply. 

The employee stated that she will be terminated because of this issue and proceeded to contact the authorities to document the incident.
She emphasized the unstable nature of her job under his supervision and called the managing director's actions exploitative.

There has been a lot of outrage over the video that purports to show misconduct. There was no word on whether attempts were made to get in touch with the hotel's managing director to inquire about the accusations.