House of the dragon episode 9 was finally aired on HBO and Disney Plus Hotstar on Sunday (in the USA) and on Monday in India. Named 'The Green Council', House of the dragon episode 9 sees the aftermath of the death of King Viserys and how Queen Alicent Hightower's misunderstanding give birth to the great war which will ultimately lead to the downfall of the Targaryen dynasty. As you must remember in the previous episode, King Viserys on his deathbed was murmuring about Aegon The Conqueror's dream to deliver 'The Prince that was promised'. In order of doing so, Viserys unknowingly says that Aegon The King, however, Alicent misunderstands that his husband's last wish is to see his firstborn son Aegon be king. House of the dragon episode 9 'Green Council' shows the aftermath of the event and also shows the Hightowers rising to power.

However, it was Rhaenys Valeryon and her dragon Meleys who stole the entire House of the dragon episode 9. To know how continue reading- (Spoilers ahead)

House of the dragon episode 9 starts with the news that King Viserys is no more. Queen Alicent goes straight to her father and hand of the king Otto Hightower to inform him that Viserys last wish was for his firstborn son Aegon to rule the seven kingdoms. "He whispered his last wish into my ears," says Alicent to her father Otto. Listening to this, Otto's eyes fill with pride that his wish to see his blood on the Iron Throne will be fulfilled. As a result, an urgent council was called in the middle of the hour with Alicent revealing that Aegon will be the king. Although almost everyone accepts the decision of Alicent, except the oldest lord who was ultimately killed in the council by Ser Criston Cole. The council also discussed the murder of Rhaenyra Targaryen, the named heir to the Iron Throne by the late King Viserys himself. However, Alicent seems to be reluctant of doing so, but Otto has his own power and ways to persuade her.

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'The doors remain shut', order Otto Hightower and guests of the Kings Landing including Rhaenys Valeryon (Queen of Driftmark). Not only this but servants and maids were also confined in the castle so that the news of the death of King Viserys does not reach Rhaenyra Targaryen or her husband Daemon before Aegon's crowning. In the meantime, Alicent proposes an offer to confine Rhaenys Valeryon, to which she does not agree. However, Alicent gives her time to think and says that her dragon will also remain confined till then.

There are many more happening fans will see in the House of the dragon ep 9, including the searching Aegon, the White Worm, and more. However, it was the climax in the crowning ceremony of Aegon which stole the show. (Spoilers ahead)

After Aegon was crowned as the King in the Dragonspit and the people of Kings' landing started to chant 'Long Live the King', Rhaenys (Eve Best) crashed the coronation by bursting up from the Dragonpit on her dragon Meleys. Rhaenys’s decision to face down Alicent and her family on dragon back — in full Targaryen warrior queen regalia — was an incredible moment, however, it has left some viewers confused. The confusion is why Rhaenys 'The Queen Who Never Was' did not say dracarys and burned the crown's usurpers i.e. the Higtowers, Criston Cole, and everyone conspiring. Well to know why she did not burn them only let her dragon screamed at them is likely to be unfolded in the House of the dragon episode 10.

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