Most waited Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now available on Netflix and is the subject of much discussion. After more than a year without a new season of the superhero series, fans were eager to begin their binge sessions as soon as season three concluded. 

As The Umbrella Academy got more successful, the cast's revenues increased significantly. They also observed an increase in social media followers as more people became interested in the superhero series. In particular, the cast's Instagram followers.

Each singer has landed many sponsorship arrangements through their Instagram profiles, thanks to the constant increase in followers and overall popularity. They don't make as much money as Stranger Things Cast from their Instagram profits, but I'd say they're doing okay for themselves. 

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So, how much income does The Umbrella Academy Cast make off of their Instagram accounts? The cast's Instagram earnings are listed below!

Emmy Raver- Lampman

Emmy is the fifth most powerful actress. Allison, or Number Three, is her character. Emmy earns up to $5,485 for every sponsored Instagram post thanks to her 2 million followers.

Aidan Gallagher

Aidan, who plays Number Five in the superhero series, is said to be the most powerful cast member. He earns $18,980 for each sponsored Instagram post. His revenues are derived from having the most followers (7.1 million).

Elliot Page 

Elliot is the most popular cast member and has the most Instagram followers (5.8 million). He is also the most wealthy of the principal players. Elliot portrays Victor, or Number Seven, in The Umbrella Academy and apparently earns $15,476 for every sponsored post. 

Robert Sheehan 

Robert is one of the most powerful actors. In the series, plays Klaus, also known as number four. Robert can earn up to $7,537 for each sponsored Instagram post. 

David Castaeda 

Diego, or Number Two, is played by David. He reportedly earns up to $5,908 for every sponsored Instagram post, making him the fourth highest-paid performer.

Justin H.Min

Justin, who plays Ben or Number Six, is the sixth most influential actor. He can earn up to $5,412 for every sponsored Instagram post. Justin's follower count is anticipated to grow when he plays a larger part in Season 3, allowing him to generate more money on Instagram. 

Tom Hopper 

Tom is the seventh most powerful actor. In the superhero series, he portrays Luther, or the number one, and he reportedly earns up to $4,516 for every sponsored Instagram post. 

Ritu Arya

Ritu plays Lila's character. She has 1 million Instagram followers and apparently earns up to $2,721 for a sponsored post.

Cazzie David

In season 3, David Cazzie plays Jayme, also known as Sparrow Number Six. Cazzie is new to The Umbrella Academy, but she already has a good 530,000 fans. She can earn up to $2,057 for each sponsored Instagram post based on her follower count. 

Justin Cornwell 

Justin is the tenth most influential actor and a new cast member in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. He plays Marcus, also known as Sparrow Number One. He apparently earns up to $558 for every sponsored Instagram post.

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