How Navi Mumbai Police foiled Salman Khan's murder plan by infiltrating Lawrence Bishnoi-gang's WhatsApp

Navi Mumbai Police on Saturday arrested four people from Lawrence Bishnoi's gang as they had planned to attack actor Salman Khan's car in Panvel.

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Threat on Salman Khan's life is far from over. At a time when entire India's attention was on their TV sets to watch Exit Polls, Navi Mumbai Police foiled yet another assassination attempt on Salman Khan by gangster Lawrence Bishnoi group. As per reports, Navi Mumbai Police on Saturday arrested four people from Lawrence Bishnoi's gang as they had planned to attack actor Salman Khan's car in Panvel. For this, there was a plan to order weapons from a Pakistani arms supplier. FIR has been registered against more than 17 people including Lawrence Bishnoi, Anmol Bishnoi, Sampat Nehra, Goldy Brar. Now, the question arises how did Navi Mumbai Police foil Salman Khan's murder plan? 

Salman Khan's latest murder plan by Bishnoi gang

As per reports, the Navi Mumbai used high-end technology to thwart Salman Khan's assassination plan by the Lawrence Bishnoi-gang. Vivek Pansare, the deputy commissioner of police Zone II (Panvel) reportedly informed the media that Panvel police station's senior inspector, Nitin Thackeray, received inputs in September-October last year that a conspiracy was being hatched to harm one of the most popular people in India.

Later, the Navi Mumbai police's officers and informers infiltrated WhatsApp and other social media groups of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Navi Mumbai Police informed that the arrested gang members had receed Salman Khan's Panvel farmhouse, his Bandra home and places he frequents for film shooting. They said the gang was trying to get weapons for their plot from abroad- Pakistan. 

The arrested accused have been identified as Dhananjay alias Ajay Kashyap, Gaurav Bhatia alias Nahvi, Waspi Khan alias Wasim Chikna and Rizwan Khan alias Javed Khan. An FIR has been filed by the Navi Mumbai Police, and four people connected to this scheme have been taken into custody. This comes after an incident on April 14 in Bandra, Mumbai, where two guys riding bikes opened fire outside Khan's home.

The responsibility of firing on Salman Khan's Bandra house was taken by Anmol Bishnoi, Lawrence Bishnoi's brother. As per reports, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is currently lodged in Ahmedabad's Sabarmati prison. On the other hand, Anmol Bishnoi is believed to be hiding in the United States or Canada.

Why Salman Khan is on Lawrence Bishnoi's target?

Salman Khan has been Lawrence Bishnoi's gang target since his 1998 Blackbuck shooting incident in Rajasthan. Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang are adamant of assassinating Salman Khan as they believe the actor killed a blackbuck. Blackbuck is considered holy in the Bishnoi community. Lawrence in an interview with a news channel had said that they will consider leaving Salman Khan if he go to his village and apologise in the temple.