How do you navigate Student Life? Exploring challenges & struggles of Modern Youth

The life of a student can be tough one, full of challenges and rough roads, but how do you navigate through all of that?

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Student life is a vibrant and transformative period filled with lots of experiences that shape an individual into a well-rounded and knowledgeable person in society. Being a student is a challenging experience. It is a time period of personal growth, learning and self-discovery. One of the biggest challenges in student life is Academic stress, financial stress, social challenges, mental health challenges and time management. These challenges test one’s resilience and adaptability.


Enabling academic buoyancy helps students to cope with the stress of daily educated life and perform well. It helps them to deal with poor grades and negative feedback. The interface between student capabilities and challenges is the personal attribute that reflects the academic buoyancy. The pressure to perform academically can be intense. It is important to set realistic goals and expectations. It is also important to seek help from professors and teachers when needed.


Another challenge that students face is financial stress. Many students struggle to pay their fees for tuition, books and other expenses. Due to this, many students discontinue their studies and some of them experience a negative impact on the performance in their class. Spending too much money may lead a student to work more than he might otherwise. Students don't have financial literacy, knowledge and skills to manage their finances efficiently.


Peer pressure and seeing the lifestyle of other friends can lead a student to overspend and make poor financial decisions. Financial challenges faced by college students can vary widely depending upon individual circumstances such as family financial support, location of institute and field of study. Seeking financial education and guidance from a career coach, creating a budget, developing good financial habits can help students to manage their finances and navigate their challenges.


Social interactions can be stressful and tricky especially when expectations and pressure mount. The pressure to maintain friendships and handle conflicts can add to stress of student life. Building friendships, participating in extracurricular activities and engaging in community events are integral parts of this vibrant tapestry. Social interactions provide a support system, enhance communication skills, expose students to diverse perspectives and develop a well-rounded understanding of the world.


Joining debate clubs, participating in cultural events, or competing in sports, students develop their passion, inbuilt leadership qualities and forge connections beyond the academic realm. Health relationships are essential for a student's overall well-being as the ability to cope up with social challenges can greatly impact your happiness.