‘I just wanted to end myself’: Meghan Markle opens up about having suicidal thoughts and how Royal family reacted to it

All this criticism and tensions in the royal family deteriorated her mental health to an extent that she thought of dying by suicide.

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With release of the latest episodes of Harry & Meghan docu-series which is available on Netflix, many shocking and unknown secrets about the Duchess of Sussex were also revealed. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the latest episodes openly spoke how the other members of royal family and the UK’s media were the prime reason for them relinquishing their titles and also for the deteriorating mental health of Meghan Markle. Prince Harry even added that he was ashamed how he reacted when Meghan sought help.

In the latest episode of Harry & Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that she at one point in her life was going through depression and wanted to die by suicide. Meghan’s mother said, “I remember Meg talking to me and saying that I want to kill myself.” Meghan while talking about this said that it all started when she got married to Prince Harry and had to go for various public appearances. Meghan became the star of the royal family for her attitude and gestures toward the people. The British royal family members were upset with the fact that Meghan was on the cover pages of all magazines and on first page of all tabloids. This disturbed them badly after which the couple stated that UK press was being paid by their own family to write all sorts of negative things about Meghan. Meghan said, “I was not thrown at the wolves, I was being fed to them.” All this criticism and tensions in the royal family deteriorated her mental health to an extent that she thought of dying by suicide.

The other shocking revelation made by Meghan Markle was that when the sought help and wanted to seek a psychiatrist, the royal family denied her from doing that as they thought that seeking a psychiatrist would not be good for the reputation of the British Royal Family.

Meghan’s mother said that even she felt helpless that neither she nor Prince Harry was able to save Meghan from the negative press that she had to face on an everyday basis because of her relations with British Royal Family.

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While the first three episodes revealed more about how media impacted the couple’s relationship with their close ones, each other and how she adjusted herself into Prince Harry’s royal world while the latest episodes revealed more about how Meghan and Harry’s family members who they were closest to pushed them to face the negative press. It also revealed how every detail they shared with their closed ones got leaked to the press which was devastating for both of them.