ICC demands for $23 million from BCCI

The International body also threatened to take away the 2023 hosting rights from BCCI

ICC demands for $23 million from BCCI -

ICC has demanded a compensation for the tax deductions incurred while India hosted the 2016 World T20, a whopping amount of $23 million (Rs.161Cr). The body has asked to either make the compensation or lose the 2023 World cup hosting rights.

BCCI has been involved in some legal cases of late. While BCCI received the boost by winning the case against PCB with ICC ordering PCB to compensate for 60% of BCCI legal cost incurred on the case.

ICC, in October, had conveyed to BCCI to compensate for the tax deductions ICC had to face during the 2016 World T20. They also threatened the Indian Board that a failure to comply with the demands of the International body would make them deduct the same from the revenue share of BCCI from the ongoing financial year.

Reports state that the BCCI, headed by former president N Srinivasan, at no point promised the International Body to compensate for the tax deductions.