'INDIA or BJP?': What the Satta Bazaars of India are predicting after the June 1 voting in Lok Sabha Polls 2024

Ahead of Exit Polls, True Scoop News brings you top 10 Satta Bazaar's of India and their predictions for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 after the completion of final phase of voting on June 1.

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The final phase of voting for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is almost over and the attention now shifts to the exit polls. Exit Polls are estimation of media channels based on their on ground report and survey that who or which party will be winning the elections. However, ahead of exit polls, the Satta Bazaar of India is also ablaze in terms of betting on political parties ahead the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Now, Satta Bazaar's prediction for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is out. Below is top 10 Satta Bazaars of India and their predictions of Lok Sabha Election results- 

  1. Palanpur Satta Bazaar- NDA: 247 seats (216 BJP), I.N.D.I.A: 225 seats (Congress 112)
  2. Phalodi Satta Bazaar- NDA- 253 seats (209 BJP), I.N.D.I.A: 246 seats (Congress 117)
  3. Karnaal Satta Bazaar- NDA- 263 (BJP- 235); I.N.D.I.A : 231 seats (Congress 108)
  4. Bohari Satta Bazaar- NDA- 255 (BJP- 227); I.N.D.I.A: 212 seats (Congress 115)
  5. Belgaam Satta Bazaar- NDA- 265 (BJP- 223); I.N.D.I.A: 230 seats (Congress 120)
  6. Kolkata Satta Bazaar- NDA- 261 (BJP- 218); I.N.D.I.A: 228 seats (Congress 128)
  7. Vijaywada Satta Bazaar- NDA- 251 (BJP- 224); I.N.D.I.A: 237 seats (Congress 121)
  8. Indore Saraf- NDA- 280 (BJP- 260) ; I.N.D.I.A: 180 seats (Congress 94)
  9. Ahmedabad Chokha Bazaar- NDA- 270 (BJP- 241); I.N.D.I.A: 193 seats (Congress 104)
  10. Surat Maghobi- NDA- 282 (BJP- 247); I.N.D.I.A: 186 seats (Congress  96)


Interestingly, before the seventh phase of voting, Phalodi Satta Bazaar had predicted that  BJP is likely to be repeating the 2019 results in Uttar Pradesh. According to this, in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, BJP can win 60-65 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP. On the other hand, the SP-Congress alliance is expected to get 15-20 seats. It is pertinent to mention here that an earlier forecast made by Phalodi Satta Market on May 13 predicted that the BJP was expected to win 300 seats and Congress was expected to win only 40-42 seats.

(Note: The information given here has been given through media reports, and experts in betting markets. Our objective is not to encourage betting in any way.)

INDIA alliance promise big win ahead of Exit Polls

Mallikarjun Kharge addressing the media on Saturday assured that INDIA block is winning 295 plus seats in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. The members of the INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) bloc gathered at Congress President Mallikarujun Kharge’s residence on Saturday for an "informal" meet, hours ahead of exit polls. The agenda of the meeting was not disclosed but the "informal meet" of more than 20 coalition partners is expected to discuss, debate and chart out the Opposition’s course of action ahead of the election results on June 4.

INDIA bloc members are also likely to deliberate on their respective performance in the long-drawn elections and also make an elaborate plan for counting day on June 4. A day ago, Congress chief Kharge spoke about the need to stay alert and vigilant on the counting day. Top leaders of the alliance are likely to mull over this point.