India Sports Goods Expo 2024 concludes in Jalandhar’s NIT; business worth Rs 250 crores done over three-days

Representatives of sports companies arrived in large numbers in the three-day expo resulting in a 30% increase in the business of the industry.

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The India Sports Goods Expo 2024 organized by the association at Dr. BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology (NIT) concluded on Saturday. B2B (buyer to buyer) trading took place on the last day of the expo. Representatives of various sports companies attended the three-day long expo. The companies received orders from the buyers who arrived in large numbers. Trading was done on the spot. During the expo, the sports industry received orders worth about Rs 250 crore. This will increase the business of Punjab's sports industry by 30 percent.


Sports and TIE Exporter Association Chairman Sumit Sharma, President Nitin Kohli, former Chairman Sanjay Kohli and Secretary Nitin Mahajan said that a business of Rs 250 crore was done during the three-day expo. There will be a 30 percent increase in the business of the sports industry. Buyers will approach the industry on a personal basis. They said that there are 1,350 small and big industries in Punjab. Where a business of more than Rs 2,100 crore is done every year. Apart from this, employment has also been provided to two and a half lakh people.


Buyers reached every stall to place orders. Alpha Hockey Industry MD Jatin Mahajan and Nitin Mahajan reached the stall of Cougar Sports Company. Company's MD Kunal Dau Mahajan and Ashish Mahajan gave information about the launch of the products. Jatin Mahajan and Nitin Mahajan said that good products were seen during the expo. Three businesses are expected to improve and give the sports industry a boost. During this, the directory of the association was also launched. Along with sports wear, buyers of sports goods also placed orders at the Expo. Many buyers personally plan to enter the industry in the coming days



Eco friendly stickers being prepared in Jalandhar:

Earlier, bicycle, bat and hockey manufacturers used to get stickers from abroad. Now eco-friendly stickers are also being prepared in Jalandhar. The Company's sticker on every sports goods is its brand recognition. Jalandhar’s Creative Edge is preparing the stickers. These are being sent not only to the country but also to UK, USA, Australia and South Africa. The stickers are registered as per the European Standards. The sticker is made from polycarbonates in a way that does not harm the environment. Company's Managing Director Pankaj Sharma and Pradeep Sharma said that stickers are exported all over the world.